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TAY­LOR CLARK: DUMB VIDEOS: Video games are dumb, not just dumb in the wink­ing way that a Hol­ly­wood movie is dumb; they’re dumb in the ex­cru­ci­at­ing way that a grown man in la­tex ears recit­ing an epic poem about Gan­dalf is dumb.

A. The jig is up B. Ab­bre­vi­ated C. Young blood D. Lay­away

E. Oxy­gen tent F. Re­mit

G. Chimer

H. Lethean

I. Ag­i­ta­tion

J. Raum

K. Kwang­chow L. Drat!

M. Um­bilici

N. Mafia

O. P. Q. R. S. T. U.

Today’s deal is from a ma­jor com­pe­ti­tion held re­cently. It typ­i­fies the fierce com­pet­i­tive na­ture of mod­ern tour­na­ment bridge. South made a dis­ci­plined pass at his first turn, but dis­ci­pline was the last thing on West’s mind — he was out steal­ing! He re­sponded one no trump on his pile of junk in an ef­fort to muddy the wa­ters for North-South. He mud­died them for East in­stead.

Three no trump dou­bled would have rolled home on

Budged Van­ished in Im­mense Down­town Ex­tract Om­buds­man Shut up!

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