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L(ane) FILLER: AMER­I­CAN SUR­VEY: Four per­cent of Amer­i­cans be­lieve the lizard over­lord the­ory that says shape shift­ing rep­til­ian peo­ple con­trol our world by tak­ing on hu­man form to gain po­lit­i­cal power and ma­nip­u­late so­ci­eties. Creepy!

A. Lip­ton

B. Froufrou

C. Ir­refutable D. Legerde­main E. Loop­holes

F. Epi­phyte

G. Ra­hab

H. An­thony

I. Menot­tie

J. Er­gonomic K. Richthofen L. Ivories

M. Cerise

N. Aer­ate

O. P. Q. R. S. T. U.

Would you have bid three di­a­monds with the East hand? Many would make that bid, hop­ing to find a fit. When you end up de­fend­ing, how­ever, the over­call stands as a lead direc­tor. Ab­sent the over­call, an ag­gres­sive West might have found the club lead to de­feat this con­tract. West can­not be faulted for lead­ing a diamond af­ter the over­call.

South in to­day’s deal was ex­pert Bar­net Shenkin. Shenkin is from Scot­land, but he re­lo­cated to South Florida many years ago. Shenkin played low from

Nord­strom Swazi­land Up­swept Rol­lick­ing Vol­stead Act El Cap­i­tan Yappy

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