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Chart time 7 p.m.


Le­pus the Hare scam­pers across the south­ern skies dur­ing mid-evening. This con­stel­la­tion ies close to neigh­bor­ing Orion the Hunter. Le­pus con­tains a num­ber of col­or­ful dou­ble stars and deep-sky ob­jects.


Cygnus the Swan is well-placed for view­ing in the west af­ter sun­down. Nick­named the North­ern Cross, this con­stel­la­tion has a rich por­tion of the Milky Way flow­ing through its bor­ders.


The blaz­ing bright blue­white Venus lights up the south­east­ern skies be­fore dawn, out­shin­ing all the stars vis­i­ble. Te­le­scopes will give stargaz­ers a peek at the planet’s fea­ture­lessphase shape.


The moon shines to the south of the bright blue­white star, Reg­u­lus. This star, the most bril­liant mem­ber of Leo the Lion, is nick­named the royal star.


Be­low Venus shines yel­low Jupiter. A tele­scope and binoc­u­lars will show off the planet’s four largest moons and col­or­ful bands.


The moon reaches lastquar­ter phase on Satur­day. This is a good time to search for craters and sur­face fea­tures with your te­le­scopes. The late-ris­ing moon will not ap­pear un­til af­ter mid­night.

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