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Last week’s col­umn on gro­cery store shop­ping sins gen­er­ated a lot of mail, and not all of it was nice.

My com­plaints about rude cus­tomer be­hav­ior in­cluded talk­ing on speak­er­phone while shop­ping, chow­ing down on food that hasn’t been pur­chased and line jumpers. But the item on dogs in the su­per­mar­ket, and es­pe­cially the video I shared of a white poo­dle wan­der­ing around Publix with­out a leash, prompted an avalanche of an­gry com­ments from read­ers. Many mis­tak­enly be­lieved the dog was lost.

Dear Doreen: Maybe some­thing hap­pened to the owner and the poor thing was lost? Or he or she wan­dered into the store? Maybe try to ask for help or bring it to some­one’s at­ten­tion rather than as­sume with a nasty com­ment? — T.S.

Dear T.S.: That a lost dog would wan­der into a su­per­mar­ket and hang out in the dairy aisle de­fies logic. As I said more than once, the owner was nearby shop­ping.

Dear Doreen: I don’t be­lieve you. Own­ers don’t do this. It’s clear this dog was on its own. No tags and kinda dirty. No one would agree with you, if this dog was aban­doned in the store, so you say the owner was walk­ing around. Not buy­ing it. — L.L.

Dear L.L.: My point, that you to­tally missed: Own­ers do this. I was at J. Marks for lunch re­cently and a dog in a stroller started bark­ing its head off. The woman fi­nally wheeled it out. Later at Aldi, a woman had a small dog strapped to her chest in a weird con­trap­tion I had never seen be­fore. In the same aisle, a woman rolled by with a Yorkie in the front seat of the buggy. Pets in stores and restau­rants is out of con­trol.

Dear Doreen: We see this all the time at our Publix. But we don’t stay silent. Four times we have made the man­agers take the owner and their dog out of the store. Our daugh­ter is al­ler­gic to dogs. — C.A.

Dear. C.A.: You raise an ex­cel­lent point. Those who are al­ler­gic to cat and dog saliva and dan­der suf­fer wa­tery eyes, rashes, hives and worse.

Dear Doreen: Shame on you, dog hater. If you don’t like to see dogs on the pa­tio eat in­side or bet­ter yet, stay home and en­joy one of your bar­gain meal deals. I agree gro­cery stores should be off lim­its and many peo­ple pur­port to have

“ser­vice dogs” which is to­tally un­ac­cept­able. And ex­ces­sive coupon clip­pers ARE ex­tremely an­noy­ing, it’s no fun hav­ing some­one with 20 plus coupons in front of you be­ing painstak­ingly ver­i­fied, es­pe­cially when some of these dimwits have ex­pired or in­el­i­gi­ble coupons to be­gin with. Just be­cause you do it does not mean most oth­ers are on board. A good sug­ges­tion would be to have spe­cific lines for ex­ces­sive coupon clip­pers so the rest of us can move on about our busi­ness. — A.G.

Dear A.G.: I’m not a dog hater (our Skip is now 8 months old) and love an­i­mals, but not while I’m din­ing or shop­ping. In­stead of chastis­ing me, why don’t you call out self­ish dog own­ers who are the of­fend­ers?

Dear Doreen: Iwasata restau­rant were they let dogs on the pa­tio and the dog did a No. 2 and the wait­ress al­most stepped in it and had to tell owner to clean it up. — S.B.

Dear Doreen: All the com­ments about how heart­less you are...smh [shak­ing my head]. I see the peo­ple with dogs in the mall, mar­kets, restau­rants too. To most it’s a sense of en­ti­tle­ment. I love my dogs too but I re­spect oth­ers rights to do their shop­ping and not deal with the many self­ish be­hav­iors of the owner of this “lost” dog. It was left alone by its owner, that is not right. — K.P.B.

Dear Doreen: Per­son­ally I hate when the restau­rant staff plays with peo­ple’s dogs and then serves my food. — A.K.

Dear Doreen: I have two dogs, a cat and sev­eral chick­ens. I am an an­i­mal lover. But I do not want to bring them out with me and I do not get why so many oth­ers feel the need to bring their pets ev­ery­where with them. — K.B.

Dear K.B.: I’m glad you don’t bring your chick­ens to the gro­cery store, but read on.

Dear Doreen: In the Publix that I shop there is of­ten a women with a cock­atiel perched on the han­dle of her shop­ping cart! The bird is beau­ti­ful, but I don’t think it’s san­i­tary. — G.B.

Dear G.B.: An­i­mals weren’t the only things that made shop­pers mad as wet hens.

Dear Doreen: Peo­ple who open bags of grapes to eat one or two or three: That is dis­gust­ing! And don’t give me your logic about how you have to taste it to make sure it’s good be­fore you buy it. You don’t get to try any other fruit! It’s not like you get to take a bite out an ap­ple or cut open a can­taloupe. They are dusty and dirty. You might as well be eat­ing some­thing off the floor. — J.O.

Dear Doreen: I am re­luc­tant to pay $4 for rasp­ber­ries or blue­ber­ries at Publix with­out tast­ing one. I al­ways open the plas­tic box and taste a sin­gle berry. I do the same with grapes. Per­haps the al­ter­na­tive is to pur­chase the fruit with­out tast­ing it and re­turn­ing it if it is ined­i­ble. Even though Publix is ex­cel­lent with re­gard to re­turns, this is more ef­fort than I wish to go through. — S.W.

Dear S.W.: I thought that con­tainer of blue­ber­ries I bought last week was a lit­tle light. I re­al­ize it’s in­con­ve­nient to re­turn the item, but do­ing it your way is ba­si­cally steal­ing.

Dear Doreen: Can’t stand when a busy mar­ket opens a new line and shouts “next in line!” and the per­son on the very end waltzes up to the reg­is­ter when they are clearly not the next in line. — L.G.

Dear L.G.: As a for­mer cashier, this ir­ri­tates me! I would al­ways step out and pick the per­son to go next. Be­cause I agree, the per­son that didn’t wait at all thinks they should go first... not in my line! — A.B.S.

Dear Doreen: My pet peeve is those peo­ple with a FULL shop­ping cart who go to the self check­out and then EX­PECT the store em­ployee to be their per­sonal cashier. That’s what reg­u­lar check­out lanes are for! — K.H.

Dear K.H.: I de­test self­check­out lanes. Stores such as Wal­mart and Home De­pot that don’t have enough clerks and ex­pect cus­tomers to act as their own cashiers (for free) is not right.

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