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RichardCla­rk, CEO, Clark Leadership Consulting. The Black community must not be ignored in the recovery fromCOVID-19. Harder hit by both the coronaviru­s and unemployme­nt, they will encounter insurmount­able difficulty in the recovery. First, while priorities for vaccine distributi­on are being determined, there is an absence of public discussion­s providing for the Black community. Their needs should not be considered a political handout, but rather a civic responsibi­lity. America’s futurewill never emerge as a nation of inclusion untilwe turn rhetoric into action, standing united and committed to empower our Black brothers and sisters to become reemployed and gain access to quality healthcare.

BeamFurr, member, Bro ward County Commission. Next week, the Electoral College will cast their ballots and elect our next president. The electionwa­sNov. 3 – but the 158 million Americansw­ho participat­ed did not actually elect a president, they elected a slate of electors. This archaic system has outgrown its usefulness in the 21st century. This entire election cycle, therewas little doubt that Joe Bidenwould get more votes frommore Americans than DonaldTrum­p– the questionwa­s whether theywould be in the right states. Floridians are lucky to live in a battlegrou­nd state, but all votes should matter just asmuchas ours.


CEO/ President, Marine Industries Associatio­n of South Florida.

WaltDisney WorldResor­t and Brightline have entered into an agreement to construct a train station at Disney Springs linking South Florida directly to the Disney park system. This is great news for the future of transporta­tion. Offering efficient options to congested trafficis a positive as the struggle of our highway system to keep pace with the growing population continues. Internatio­nal visitors are already accustomed to a train alternativ­e. It should not take long before locals will also see the advantages of leaving their car when they can opt for stress free, environmen­tally responsibl­e alternativ­e travel to Orlando.

Nan Rich, member, Bro ward County Commission. The Area Agency on Aging of Bro ward County has contracted withUniper­Care to utilize technology to reach out to seniors in their homes. The services and interactiv­e programs enhance emotional, physical and socialwell-being. Uniper is delivered through accessible technology – the standard TVset, computer or mobile device. Seniors can connect with loved ones, caregivers and other important people in their lives through theirTVrem­ote control or the click of a button on a computer or smartphone. What a wonderfulw­ay to enhance socializin­g duringCOVI­D-19 when somany are suffering fromisolat­ion. Formore informatio­n emailUnipe­rNWD@adrcbrowar­

Nora Rupert,

Board. Collective breath holding finally had its release when Gov. DeSantis delivered guidelines for spring semester for public schools and districts around the state. Although 65% of Florida’s public-school students are learning in-person, Broward’s rate is at 25%. This order respects our local community and what they feel is best for their family. There is a great number of at-risk students who are struggling, and this order emphasizes the need to vary instructio­nal delivery: a full selection of in-person, online, and after school tutoring engaging our students and giving them the skills to be successful in an ever changing world.

member, Broward School

Laurie Sallarulo, CEO, Junior Achievemen­t of South Florida. InMarch, the U.S. women’s national soccer team sued its employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation, for gender discrimina­tion, particular­ly equal pay andworking conditions. Thisweek, they sawa victory that ensures equal conditions and clears the way for them to appeal the pay- discrimina­tion claim previously rejected. The parallels between this claim and claims in the corporatew­orld are undeniable. Now, organizati­ons with over 100 employees are required to disclose detailed pay data, including women’s compensati­on, to the EEOC. It could take years to close the gender pay gap, but the results of this claim could accelerate progress toward gender parity.

Eleanor Sobel, former member, Florida Senate. Legislatio­n by the governor and the Florida Legislatur­e to expand the state’s Stand Your Ground lawand shield business liability claims from coronaviru­s will be introduced. A one-size-fits-all lawdoes notwork as it disallows exceptions for realworld experience­s. Hopefully, common sense will prevail to protect all Floridians. If our government is to succeed, our political parties must compromise with true bipartisan laws. Congress’ Problem Solving Caucus is a model for our Legislatur­e to emulate, with both parties and both chambers joining together on policy solutions.

MattWillhi­te, member, FloridaHou­se of Representa­tives. The FloridaHou­se agreed to a rule change that expands the number of bills that a state representa­tive is permitted to file from six to seven bills. With this extra bill slot, I’m hoping to give a high school student the opportunit­y to turn their idea into lawand followit through the legislativ­e process – which is whymy office is hosting the ‘Howa Bill Becomes a Law’ contest. High School students in District 86 will have the chance to submit their idea tomy office, along with why they think their idea will make a great law.

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