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Things to know to make flying less stressful

- By Christophe­r Reynolds

Air travel is increasing, which means prices are rising and middle seats are filling up. Just about every Sunday in October, the Transporta­tion Security Administra­tion counted more than 900,000 passengers for the day. Thatmeans the number of people flying has nearly doubled since June. Here are things to knowif you’re traveling by plane.

Some carriers, including Hawaiian Airlines, are boarding planes back to front, which allows for better social distancing.

TheTSA has relaxed its 3.4-ounce limit on liquids when it comes to hand sanitizer. You can bring up to 12 ounces onboard the plane.

Bring plenty of wipes with you. Even though the airline crewhas probably already done it, you’ll feel better if you wipe down your armrests, seat and seatbelt, tray table and seatback in front of you.

If you have an adjustable air nozzle above your seat, point the airflowstr­aight at your head, full strength.

The days of guaranteed empty middle seats are ending. Southwest Airlines stopped blocking them Dec. 1. Hawaiian Airlines will stop Dec. 15. Alaska and Delta airlines will stop Jan. 6. Most of the other carriers have already returned to filling middle seats.

Jets have powerful air filters. The Internatio­nal AirTranspo­rt Associatio­n issued a report saying it found just 44 knowncases

ofCOVID-19 transmissi­on this year. Though there’s debate about studies trying to measureCOV­ID

19 danger, the Journal of the AmericanMe­dical Associatio­n said the risk of contractin­g COVID-19 in flight is lower than in an office building, classroom, supermarke­t or commuter train.

 ?? CHRISTOPHE­RREYNOLDS/LOSANGELES­TIMES ?? The numberof people flying has nearly doubled sinceJune.
CHRISTOPHE­RREYNOLDS/LOSANGELES­TIMES The numberof people flying has nearly doubled sinceJune.

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