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All you need to know

- Coconut Creek

The juxtaposit­ion of two front-page stories in the March 29 Sun Sentinel tells all you need to know about living in Ron DeSantis’ Florida.

One article describes Gov. DeSantis, self-proclaimed guardian of children’s rights, signing a bill permitting retail sales of larger bottles of wine standing against a backdrop of enormous wine bottles in a store in Fort Lauderdale, as a lectern’s sign proclaimed “Carpe Vinum” (enjoy wine).

Also on the front page was an entirely different article, headlined “Some ill kids to get dropped from Medicaid.” It chronicled the nightmare story of a mom learning second-hand that her medically fragile child would lose Medicaid coverage, and her fight to preserve coverage for her son’s condition.

Our good old governor, whose mantra is “Let kids be kids,” has his bloody hands all over this. Florida has chopped nearly 1.3 million people, including 460,000 children, from Medicaid in one year. That’s a strange way to “let kids be kids.”

Now the state will begin terminatin­g children with complex chronic medical conditions from Medicaid due to “procedural issues.” DeSantis knew this was coming, as the federal government warned the state as to what the situation would become with a delay in processing appeals.

Apparently the “children’s governor” was more concerned with the populace being able to buy larger containers of wine than how and who would treat and pay the bills for kids with cancer and other debilitati­ng medical conditions. DeSantis and his people can try to deflect blame, but the bottom line is if you’re a child living in Florida and you need Medicaid benefits for treatment, you may be out of luck.

It’s easier to buy wine in volume than to get KidCare. How truly sad.

Dr. Mark Neil Levine,

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