FACT CHECK: Trump says Oba­macare is re­pealed. It isn’t

South Florida Times - - NEWS - By RI­CARDO ALONSO-ZAL­DIVAR

WASH­ING­TON (AP) - Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump has pre­ma­turely de­clared “Oba­macare” dead and dis­played a mis­un­der­stand­ing of where the money comes from to make the health law work.

A look at his re­marks Wed­nes­day about the tax plan he will soon sign into law and its eff ect on Pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s health in­surance over­haul:

TRUMP: “Oba­macare has been re­pealed in this bill.”

THE FACTS: It hasn’t. The tax plan ends fines for peo­ple who don’t carry health in­surance. That’s a ma­jor change but far from the dis­man­tling of the law.

Other mar­quee com­po­nents of Obama’s law re­main, such as the Med­i­caid ex­pan­sion serv­ing low-in­come adults, pro­tec­tions that shield peo­ple with pre-ex­ist­ing med­i­cal con­di­tions from be­ing de­nied cov­er­age or charged higher pre­mi­ums, in­come-based sub­si­dies for con­sumers buy­ing in­di­vid­ual health in­surance poli­cies, the re­quire­ment that i nsur­ers cover “essen­tial” health ben­e­fits, and the man­date that larger em­ploy­ers pro­vide cov­er­age to their work­ers or face fines.

Also, the tax bill doesn’t re­peal fines for unin­sured in­di­vid­u­als un­til the start of 2019, mean­ing the “in­di­vid­ual man­date” is still in force for next year un­less the ad­min­is­tra­tion acts to waive the penal­ties. TRUMP: “When you add it all up to­gether, and then you add two things — the in­di­vid­ual man­date is be­ing re­pealed. When the in­di­vid­ual man­date is be­ing re­pealed, that means Oba­macare is be­ing re­pealed be­cause they get their money from the in­di­vid­ual man­date. ”

THE FACTS: This is also wrong. The fines on peo­ple who don’t carry health in­surance only pro­vide a small frac­tion of the fi­nanc­ing for the program. Most of the money comes from higher taxes on up­per-in­come peo­ple, cuts in Medi­care pay­ments to service providers, and other tax in­creases.

The Con­gres­sional Bud­get Of­fice es­ti­mated that fines from unin­sured peo­ple would total $3 bil­lion this year, while the gov­ern­ment’s cost for the cov­er­age pro­vided un­der the health law would total about $117 bil­lion.


Pres­i­dent Trump says Oba­macare should be re­pealed im­me­di­ately, re­placed later

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