Omarosa, Joy Be­har mock Mike Pence’s faith in Je­sus

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So re­al­ity TV star and for­mer White House staff Omarosa talked trash about Vice Pres­i­dent Mike Pence and his faith at her new job on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Omarosa called Pence “scary” and “ex­treme” be­cause, as she said, “he thinks Je­sus tells him to say things” and if he be­came Pres­i­dent, peo­ple “would be beg­ging for days of Trump back.”

Crit­ics of Omarosa have called her “Drama Queen” and much harsher names while warn­ing peo­ple not to be taken in by her - known to de­lib­er­ately cause con­fu­sion.

But the ladies of “The View” took what Omarosa said to the next level. Joy Be­har mocked Pence and im­plied that for him to say Je­sus talked to him was the equiv­a­lent of “hear­ing voices” and that was “men­tal ill­ness.”

Now these same peo­ple would scream if some­one made fun of Is­lam like they made fun of Chris­tian­ity. But hear­ing Joy Be­har should have made all Chris­tians mad.

She in­sin­u­ated that ev­ery Black pas­tor, who talks about how the Lord “speaks” to them, suf­fered from men­tal ill­ness.

If Black pas­tors would do like most Lib­er­als have done when some­one on ra­dio or TV de­filed them like these women did to Chris­tian­ity, they would de­mand these women be fired from their high pro­file jobs.

But so far, I’ve heard no push­back. Maybe it’s be­cause of this Lib­eral code of si­lence. They never pun­ish each other for their own in­dis­cre­tions but think they have the right to say or do any­thing they want, all the while de­mand­ing pun­ish­ment for Con­ser­va­tives for say­ing or do­ing the ex­act same thing.

My ques­tion is: “When are Chris­tians, es­pe­cially Black preach­ers, going to say ‘Enough is enough!’ and be­gin to fight back?”

Lib­er­als have re­de­fined mar­riage, re­de­fine sin, changed what it means to be male or fe­male, elim­i­nated des­ig­nated bath­rooms so men who say they want to be women or so-called “trans­gen­der” peo­ple can use the women’s bath­rooms, etc.

And there has been no out­cry from the Chris­tian com­mu­nity. But these same Chris­tians are sup­port­ing Lib­er­als as they de­fend Is­lam, which teach Chris­tians are in­fi­dels who should be put to death.

You don’t dare say any­thing bad about Is­lam or Lib­er­als will la­bel you a racist or Is­lama­phobe. You don’t dare talk bad about gays or les­bians or they will la­bel you a ho­mo­phobe. Men who speak deroga­to­rily about women are la­beled sex­ist.

Lib­er­als have neg­a­tive la­bels for ev­ery­body they don’t like, but what about Chris­tians?

Lib­er­als want to re­move all ves­tiges of Chris­tian­ity off ev­ery piece of gov­ern­ment prop­erty – Ten Com­mand­ments, Na­tiv­ity Scene, crosses, etc. They took “un­der God” from the Pledge of Al­le­giance, “So help me God” from oaths. They want to re­move “In God We Trust” from all our cur­rency, etc., etc., etc.

They started by re­mov­ing prayer from schools, which has al­lowed stu­dents to com­mit heinous crimes. Stu­dents who pray don’t kill.

Not a word from the Chris­tian com­mu­nity. Now TV per­son­al­i­ties are mock­ing the Vice Pres­i­dent for his faith – not just be­cause he’s a Repub­li­can, but be­cause he’s a Chris­tian.

Obama mocked Repub­li­can Chris­tians when he talked about these peo­ple hold­ing on to their guns and Bi­bles, as if they were stupid racists.

Democrats are al­ways mock­ing “Evan­gel­i­cals” but our Black pas­tor of our Black Mis­sion­ary Bap­tist Church talks about us be­ing dis­ci­ples and evan­ge­liz­ing to the un­saved.

Yet none of our Black church mem­bers are ever of­fended, be­cause they as­sume their fel­low Democrats are only talk­ing about white Repub­li­cans, who of course have to be racists. Why? Be­cause white Democrats tell us they are. And of course, Black Folks al­ways be­lieve ev­ery­thing white Democrats tell them.

I can’t un­der­stand it, given all the ev­i­dence to the con­trary. That’s why I be­came a Repub­li­can.

So I ask all my Black Folks – “WHERE MY CHRIS­TIANS AT?

How long are you going to turn a blind eye and ear to these peo­ple who do noth­ing for you in ex­change for your undy­ing de­vo­tion and 95 per­cent of your vote?”

When they mocked VP Pence for his Chris­tian be­lief, they were also mock­ing you. Wake up and smell the cof­fee! When are you going to de­fend your faith?

Pri­vate citizens own be­tween five mil­lion and 30 mil­lion as­sault ri­fles, with Florid­i­ans com­pris­ing the sec­ond high­est num­ber af­ter Texas. But, over­all, Amer­i­cans own be­tween 300 mil­lion and 400 mil­lion guns of all kinds. A sur­vey by Har­vard and North­east­ern univer­si­ties, cited by the found that three per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion own half of those guns, rang­ing be­tween eight and 140 guns each for an av­er­age of 17.

And the tragedy at Mar­jory Stone­man Dou­glas High School in Park­land was the 16th mass shoot­ing in 12 states since June 18, 2015, killing a to­tal of 344 peo­ple and wound­ing hun­dreds of oth­ers. Yet Congress, which al­lowed a 1994 ban to lapse, has re­fused to out­law the so-called long guns or “mod­ern sport­ing ri­fles,” as the Na­tional Ri­fle As­so­ci­a­tion (NRA) has re­branded them.

Aus­tralia took a dif­fer­ent ap­proach in 1996 af­ter a man armed with an as­sault ri­fle killed 35 peo­ple and wounded 19 oth­ers, ban­ning such weapons and re­quir­ing cur­rent own­ers to sell them to the gov­ern­ment – all 600,000 of them.

The Aus­tralian model will not be repli­cated in the U.S. and some ex­perts doubt any­how that a ban will curb as­sault gun deaths, mostly be­cause they ac­count for just one to two per­cent of firearms fa­tal­i­ties, with 80 per­cent due to hand­guns.

If there is to be any mean­ing­ful gun con­trol here, do not look at Florida. Repub­li­cans, who con­trol the en­tire state gov­ern­ment and in the pock­ets of the NRA, have re­fused to pass any such laws, even af­ter the June 12, 2016, at­tack on the Pulse night­club in Tampa that killed 49 peo­ple and wounded 58 oth­ers.

That is not sur­pris­ing be­cause Florida’s only gun con­trol laws are a ban on ar­mor­pierc­ing bul­lets and a wait­ing pe­riod to buy guns. There are no as­sault weapon re­stric­tions, no ban on large-ca­pac­ity bul­let mag­a­zines or si­lencers, no gun reg­is­tra­tion or ex­panded back­ground checks and gun deal­ers are not re­quired to be li­censed.

In­stead, look for feel-good mea­sures as a pal­lia­tive to the griev­ing fam­i­lies and friends of the high school vic­tims.

Gun-rights ad­vo­cates tend to fo­cus, rather, on men­tal ill­ness, in­clud­ing Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump, who did not even men­tion guns in his re­ac­tion to the shoot­ing. But a re­port said that even if men­tal ill­ness is some­how cured, it would lead to only a four-per­cent drop in gun fa­tal­i­ties.

Some an­a­lysts be­lieve, in­stead, that the so­lu­tion lies in ad­dress­ing the root causes of gun vi­o­lence. Leah Li­bresco, in a

col­umn on Oct. 3, said based on a study by she and her col­leagues “it seemed less and less clear that one broad

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