Will the fu­ture be bleak for blacks?

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be­come teenagers. All that black kids in in­ner cities see are preach­ers and other hus­tlers. They even see one or two lawyers around hus­tling, while so­cial work­ers and work­ers for non-prof­its all seem to be just barely mak­ing it. Ev­ery­thing else hu­man that they see is to­tally neg­a­tive.

Be­cause ig­no­rance is a breed­ing ground for self­ish­ness, churches just about ev­ery­where within black neigh­bor­hoods, the great­est po­ten­tial ed­u­ca­tional and cul­tural source avail­able, sit, mostly un­der­uti­lized and their doors closed and gates locked. With com­mu­nity based pro­grams, th­ese fa­cil­i­ties could be open from morn­ing un­til night, and the pews would be full on Sun­days. And th­ese neigh­bor­hoods would wit­ness com­pre­hen­sively pos­i­tive so­cial change.

The fu­ture will be bleak for black peo­ple if we don’t be­come self-re­liant. Discrimination by in­tensely white na­tion­al­ist Amer­ica will soon en­tirely en­gulf black peo­ple in an ex­ter­mi­na­tion process through mere omis­sion. Soon there will be no jobs avail­able at both an en­try level and at the top for black males, es­pe­cially. (Black and white women tend to earn about the same at all po­si­tions. How­ever, black men at all lev­els are paid less than white males.)

Un­der­stand­ably, there is that in­trin­sic fear that once again we will be asked to sac­ri­fice, while we think that our ex­is­tence has been noth­ing short of giv­ing, turn­ing the other cheek, hop­ing, pray­ing and all kinds of do­ing with­out or “mak­ing do.” But all that was then; this is now! While we’ve been through Hell and sur­vived, what’s in front of us is The White Man’s post-Hitler An­gloSaxon A-Pri­ori. It means that we must fight for our sur­vival through de­pend­ing on black peo­ple.

There’s ge­netic reengi­neer­ing – the DNA rev­o­lu­tion, ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence (AI), ro­bot­ics, and cod­ing, a world un­like any­thing most grand­par­ents and par­ents ever en­vi­sioned, a fu­ture that’s be­ing ush­ered in at a rapid pace. Cal­cu­lus used to be a col­lege course. High school com­puter geeks have mas­tered the math, and also cod­ing, and are into all kinds of tech­nol­ogy. Too many in­ner city kids are only watch­ing rap videos and play­ing games on elec­tronic de­vices.

If we don’t hur­riedly find ways to reengi­neer how to ex­pose and ed­u­cate black youth to tech­nolo­gies of now and the fu­ture, black adults within ten short years or less will have un­wit­tingly so­cially as­sas­si­nated an en­tire gen­er­a­tion of black youth! Contact Us 954.356.9360 • 2701 W Oak­land Park Blvd, Suite 320 • Oak­land Park, FL 33311 • www.SFLTimes.com

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