Stop en­ter­tain­ing il­lu­sions about Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal be­hav­ior

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be found who would not put their life on the line for that cause. There, then, is the nexus of white na­tion­al­ism. It is his­tor­i­cal, some would say “racist,” and it is in­cred­i­bly dan­ger­ous for our planet Earth.

Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal be­hav­ior is grounded in hate and our coun­try’s eco­nomic thrust is mil­i­taris­tic. Hate is tran­scribed as su­pe­ri­or­ity. So, what white peo­ple say to Earth’s hu­man ma­jor­ity is, in non-diplo­matic lan­guage, “do what I say or be de­stroyed.” Years ago, the Har­lem street-speak­ing Gar­veyites preached about “The three Ms of im­pe­ri­al­ism – the mis­sion­ary, mer­ce­nary and the mil­i­tary.”

As eco­nomic in­ter­ests take us per­ilously to­ward World War III, Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal be­hav­ior, both in­ter nally and world­wide, is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly iso­la­tion­ist. White na­tion­al­ism at home is trag­i­cally erod­ing an al­ready frag­ile so­cial fab­ric, while boast and bom­bast shrink re­spect and ca­ma­raderie abroad. Shock­ingly, African Amer­i­cans show no vis­i­ble signs of so­lid­i­fy­ing eco­nomic/po­lit­i­cal in­ter­ests as a group dy­namic.

Black Amer­ica’s con­tin­ued il­lu­sion about jus­tice, par­ity and democ­racy has be­come ex­tremely dan­ger­ous. A be­lief sys­tem of any kind not washed in truth can lead only to doom. Black Amer­ica, have no il­lu­sion about Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal be­hav­ior. Please!

Just imag­ine a White House, Congress and a Supreme Court full of plu­to­crats and oli­garchs as a democ­racy that you have to live in. Such a con­glom­er­a­tion would bring rapid chaos and de­cay through un­bri­dled greed, vi­o­lence and dis­so­lu­tion. There is no telling how ex­ten­sive Amer­ica’s ex­ter nal sit­u­a­tion could be changed by what our out­side world would ob­vi­ously call fas­cism.

SC is fascis­tic, that is why all Amer­i­cans have to buy in not to let plu­toc­racy re­place democ­racy, how­ever much it is be­lieved to be merely a no­tion. The white found­ing fa­thers of what be­came Amer­ica, may or may not have seen far in the fu­ture what democ­racy would grow to mean, but ac­ci­dently or other­wise, they un­leashed a force to be reck­oned with through­out the world.

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