Some­one is go­ing to die if lib­er­als con­tinue ex­treme be­hav­ior

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Af­ter the as­sas­si­na­tion at­tempt on Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and other Repub­li­can mem­bers of Congress, I wrote that “the caus­tic and toxic gaso­line of hate speech” was invit­ing some­one “to light the match that will ig­nite a bond fire of po­lit­i­cal as­sas­si­na­tions…”

A year later the rhetoric and ac­tions of the left have got­ten worse and bor­ders on in­cite­ment to vi­o­lence against those who im­ple­ment and sup­port the Trump agenda. Un­for­tu­nately, it is en­cour­aged by lit­tle con­dem­na­tion and there­fore tacit ap­proval of much of the Demo­cratic and main­stream me­dia lead­er­ship.

A few ex­am­ples: En­ter­tainer Sa­man­tha Bee call­ing the Pres­i­dent’s daugh­ter a “c***; ac­tor Robert De Nero bring­ing a Tony Award au­di­ence to its feet ap­plaud­ing his “f***” Trump tirade; ac­tor Peter Fonda call­ing for putting the pres­i­dent’s young son in a cage with pe­dophiles, want­ing White House Press Sec­re­tary Sarah San­ders’ chil­dren to be kid­napped and Home­land Sec­re­tary Kirst­jen Nielsen to be “put in a cage… naked whipped … while be­ing filmed…”

As if th­ese hate­ful com­ments were not enough, the anti-Trump crowd has turned up the heat with in-your-face pub­lic con­fronta­tions of Trump of­fi­cials: • Pro­test­ers in­vaded a Wash­ing­ton, D.C. restau­rant to ha­rass Sec­re­tary Nielsen. They were within feet of her ta­ble while her se­cu­rity de­tail ap­peared help­less — any­one in the mob could have taken a shot. They also protested at her home. • Press Sec­re­tary Sarah San­ders was asked to leave a Lex­ing­ton, Vir­ginia, restau­rant. Now, she and her fam­ily will get Se­cret Ser­vice pro­tec­tion at their home. • Florida At­tor­ney Gen­eral Pam Bondi was ha­rassed and sub­jected to pro­fan­ity-laced ver­bal as­saults at a movie the­atre in Tampa. • La­bor Sec­re­tary Elaine Chao and her hus­band Se­nate Ma­jor­ity Leader Mitch McCon­nel (R-Ky.) were ha­rassed leav­ing a Ge­orge­town Univer­sity event.

The ic­ing on the po­lit­i­cal hate-cake was Rep. Max­ine Wa­ters (D-Ca.) urg­ing peo­ple to ha­rass Trump of­fi­cials and “tell them they are not wel­come any­more, any­where…”

Wa­ters’ rant was a bit over the line even for Se­nate Mi­nor­ity Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Mi­nor­ity Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and sev­eral other Democrats who were forced to con­demn her mes­sage.

How­ever, Schumer, Pelosi and their Demo­crat col­leagues have not, that I have seen or heard, got­ten around to con­demn­ing the “Nazi ma­nia” of some of their col­leagues and jour­nal­ist friends who have com­pared the pres­i­dent’s poli­cies on deal­ing with the South­ern border with Hitler’s con­cen­tra­tion camps.

MSNBC pun­dit Donny Deutsch went so far as to say that any­one who voted for Don­ald Trump was a “Nazi.”

In an ar­ti­cle en­ti­tled “Trump’s Crit­ics Des­e­crate the Holo­caust,” writer Jay Winik wrote that the “com­par­i­son to the Holo­caust is an ob­scene lie.”

He quoted MSNBC host Joe Scar­bor­ough who said that “just like the Nazis said that they were tak­ing peo­ple to the show­ers and then they never came back.”

Not to be out­done, for­mer Cen­tral In­tel­li­gence Agency Di­rec­tor Michael Hay­den tweeted a photo of rail­road tracks lead­ing to the Auschwitz-Birke­nau death camp.

Hats off to CNN’s Wolf Bl­itzer, who lost fam­ily at the death camp, for chal­leng­ing Hay­den on his com­par­i­son: “As bad as the pol­icy may be, it is not Auschwitz.”

We have heard few, if any, words con­demn­ing such rhetoric from Demo­crat lead­ers, lib­eral me­dia com­men­ta­tors, or Jewish or­ga­ni­za­tions such as the An­tiDefama­tion League of B’nai B’rith.

Deutsch, Scar­bor­ough and oth­ers so in love with the Holo­caust-border com­par­i­son should read Winik’s ar­ti­cle. It graph­i­cally de­scribed the horror of cat­tle car like trains packed with Jews ar­riv­ing at Auschwitz af­ter a har­row­ing two-to-three day trip “with lit­tle air or light, no food and vir­tu­ally no wa­ter.”

He de­scribed the “…chaos, con­fu­sion and horror…the odor of burn­ing hu­man flesh and hair” where pris­on­ers “didn’t know that most of them would be ash within hours.”

Things are so toxic that many Democrats, lib­eral pun­dits, and left­ists are com­par­ing those who per­pe­trated such hor­rors to Trump vot­ers and the men and women of U.S. Im­mi­gra­tion and Cus­toms En­force­ment (ICE) — 40 per­cent of whom are His­panic — and mak­ing them tar­gets.

As re­ported in The Daily Caller, the rad­i­cal vi­o­lent group An­tifa tweeted out a list of over “1,500 ICE agents’ iden­ti­ties.” There’s even a grow­ing “Oc­cupy Ice” move­ment spread­ing through­out the na­tion call­ing for the abo­li­tion of ICE, clos­ing down ICE fa­cil­i­ties, and, in some cases, call­ing for the killing of ICE agents.

Sev­eral mem­bers of Congress have jumped aboard the “ICE is evil” ex­press train ad­vo­cat­ing the abo­li­tion of ICE. The new­est pas­sen­ger is pres­i­den­tial “wannabe” Se­na­tor Ka­mala Har­ris (D-Ca.) who now wants to tear ICE down and “start from scratch.”

Talk about hyp­o­crit­i­cal ex­ploita­tion of an is­sue for po­lit­i­cal gain, just a few months ago in March, Har­ris told MSNBC that “ICE has a pur­pose,” “ICE has a role,” "ICE should ex­ist...”

And let’s not omit those late-night talk­show hosts who fur­ther pol­lute the sep­tic tank po­lit­i­cal en­vi­ron­ment by their vi­cious, vit­ri­olic, not-so-funny per­sonal at­tacks on Trump and, re­cently, Sarah San­ders.

Th­ese name callers, pro­test­ers, and their en­abling sup­port­ers in Wash­ing­ton, Hollywood — and the ma­jor me­dia — should not be sur­prised if the con­se­quences of their anti-Trump rhetoric in­spires one of their crazed left­ist dis­ci­ples to as­sas­si­nate one of those against whom they so soundly spew hate. They should not be sur­prised if there is ret­ri­bu­tion.

It is only a mat­ter of time. The only ques­tion is who the vic­tim or vic­tims will be.

Clarence V. Mc­Kee is pres­i­dent of Mc­Kee Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Inc., a govern­ment, po­lit­i­cal, and me­dia re­la­tions con­sult­ing firm in Florida. He held sev­eral po­si­tions in the Rea­gan ad­min­is­tra­tion as well as in the Rea­gan pres­i­den­tial cam­paigns.

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