We talked to some of the top heel­ers in the in­dus­try to find out what bits they use and why they use them on their num­ber-one horses.

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Heel Horse Bits


+ORSE Hali, 10-year-old mare %LW *ordy Alder­son big ported-chain

:K\" I like it. He cus­tom made some for me with my ini­tials in it. It’s good on a lot of horses. It’s a pretty sim­ple bit. It’s a big chain link with a port. MRUH call for pric­ing gabit­sand­


+ORSE Abby, 20-year-old mare %LW Rocky Sta­ples medium shank float flat port Cus­tom

:K\" I put it on al­most ev­ery horse I’ve got. :hen you pull on both sides, it kind of locks and helps them break at the poll, but also if you pull on one side or the other, it’s got enough give. It will make them bend and flex from right to left. I re­ally like the way that the bit feels in all of my horses’ mouths. MRUH

FDOO IRU SULFLQJ rock­ysta­ples­bi­tand­


+ORSE Smurf, 12-year-old geld­ing %LW Tommy Bless­ing

:K\" It has a lit­tle bite to it. It keeps him up in the front end a lit­tle bit and gets his hind end un­der him more. I feel like I have a lot of con­trol with it. MRUH $120 nr­


+ORSE Skeeter, 23-year-old geld­ing %LW Pet­ska ported-chain

:K\" He’s a lit­tle bit strong so it seems to be the best thing that works on him. I can kind of keep him in my hand a lit­tle bit. It’s got a pretty good bite on it. MRUH $120 rock­in­m­

-A.E /ON*

+ORSE Colonel, 13-year-old geld­ing Ironman, 12-year-old geld­ing

%LW Sky Line Bits and Spurs )lat Port Straight Shank

:K\" It’s got a uniTue feel to it that I’ve never felt be­fore. It al­lows me to be a lit­tle more ag­gres­sive with my left hand with­out get­ting in the horse’s way. It doesn’t have Tuite as much bite to it, but it’s still got a lit­tle bit if you need it. MRUH $129-$199 sky­linebi­tand­





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