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took home $22,200 from the WSTR Fi­nale with her part­ners in the #12, #11, and #10, af­ter win­ning the #13 at Rap­pel's Arena in Gill, Colorado, this past Septem­ber.

Smokin' Septem­ber

At Rap­pel’s Arena that week­end, I knew if I could catch and turn the steer, Ri­ley (Pe­dro) would catch, and that’s ex­actly what he did. I had my good horse back for that rop­ing and it all came to­gether that day. His name is Cow­boy. He’s a 12-year-old geld­ing and he’s awe­some. He gives me a chance to win every time.

Mom Goals

Rop­ing is what gives me my color, in a sense. It’s a great bal­ance for me. I truly feel like it makes me a bet­ter mom. I have two boys. They’re 6 and 4. When I prac­tice, they’re al­ways with me. I’ve got them load­ing the steers and they’re go­ing to count steers. They get to see mom go and com­pete. Some­times it doesn’t go well, some­times it does, so I’m kind of teach­ing them life lessons, as well.

Life's Loops

I went to col­lege and kind of went the sport route. Then, of course, you get mar­ried and have kids. I’ve kind of come back full cir­cle to where I have rop­ing in my life again and I think I just ap­pre­ci­ate it so much more than I ever did be­cause of what it does for me. I am pretty com­pet­i­tive, so it kind of fills that void and I like

hav­ing goals and work­ing to­ward things. It’s just been a re­ally pos­i­tive thing for me and I can’t imag­ine not hav­ing it in my life al­ways, now that it’s back.

Las­sos and Lashes

I’ve been do­ing eye­lash ex­ten­sions for the past five years, but I opened my ac­tual store­front busi­ness (The Lash House) Novem­ber 1, just over a year ago. I’ve al­ways liked that con­cept of hav­ing an eye­lash bar where there are mul­ti­ple stylists and you can come in and get your lashes done, it was just find­ing the right space, and I knew it was all about tim­ing. When the space came up, I just jumped on it. I had a good busi­ness model to start and it’s been suc­cess­ful. We of­fer clas­sic or vol­ume lash ex­ten­sions, lash lifts, skin care, wax­ing, and spray tan­ning. And in Jan­uary, we also be­gan of­fer­ing shel­lac man­i­cures. I never thought it would be like that, but you know, I have great peo­ple that work for me and I have great clients, too. With­out them, I wouldn’t be where I am with my busi­ness.

Kid, Clients, and Cows

I’m kind of a hustler. I don’t sit around very of­ten and I don’t watch a lot of TV. That’s just kind of how I am. When I got back into rop­ing, I just knew. I’m that per­son that can’t do it half­way. I want to be the best, so that’s why I just know it takes a lot of time and I’m will­ing to fig­ure that out and I do. I just make it work.

Rop­ing Roots

My mom team roped and she ac­tu­ally rodeod in col­lege. My dad roped for a long time, too, and my brother still team ropes. He’s way bet­ter than I am. I def­i­nitely grew up rop­ing and I’m pretty thank­ful for that.

New Year, New Goals

I kind of need to find an­other head horse, so, that is a goal of mine. I’ve got two right now, but I just want to con­tinue on the path that I’m on. Last year in Ve­gas, I had one run and this year I had five. This past year for me was a good year and I’m so thank­ful for it, so I just want to keep that go­ing. Oth­er­wise, what’s the point?

{ Vi­tal Stats } AGE: 35 NUM­BER: 5 header ROPE: Clas­sic Heat HOME: Wind­sor, Colorado

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