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Ateam roper since he was 13 years old, Coy Upchurch is the gen­eral man­ager at Fast Back Ropes—a role he took on in late 2015.

De­spite the rel­a­tive new­ness of his po­si­tion, Upchurch and Fast Back go back a ways, to be­fore he had even be­gun his ca­reer in the rope in­dus­try.

“Back when I was still buy­ing ropes for my­self,” Upchurch noted, “I was buy­ing Fast Back.”

When Upchurch did join the rope­work force, he spent a solid 10 years with another com­pany be­fore find­ing his fit at Fast Back, and it’s a tale that par­al­lels Fast Back’s own be­gin­nings. Whereas Cac­tus Ropes per­haps ex­em­pli­fies one end of the start-up spec­trum with a crew that sim­ply rolled up their sleeves and took their best shot at some- thing they tech­ni­cally knew noth­ing about, Fast Back rep­re­sents the op­po­site end of the spec­trum, where, in 1995, the en­tire crew came to­gether with work­ing knowl­edge of what would be re­quired and how to do it.

And that kind of ex­pe­ri­ence, Upchurch points out, makes each mem­ber of the team an as­set.

“It’s a re­ally good crew. The guys on the ma­chines, they work on their own ma­chines. I mean, I have in­put. And the shop man­ager, he has in­put, but we kind of turn these guys loose.

“The em­ploy­ees here have a lot of say in the fi­nal prod­uct,” Upchurch con­tin­ued. “They’re very much con­cerned with the qual­ity of the prod­uct and the rope that we’re putting out, and it’s very much a col­lec­tive ef­fort.”

A par­tic­u­lar point of pride for Upchurch is the com­pany’s com­mit­ment to at­ten­tion to de­tail, which, he feels, al­lows for the best-feel­ing rope, right out of the twisties.

“There are dif­fer­ences in how we do things,” he ex­plained. “It costs a lit­tle more money and it takes a lit­tle more time, but all the lit­tle things, I think, add up to a bet­ter-feel­ing rope.”

Upchurch’s love of team rop­ing re­volves around the great peo­ple in the com­mu­nity, and it’s a value that car­ries over into his work at Fast Back.

“One of the big­gest lessons I’ve learned is to get the best peo­ple you can get and lis­ten to them. The team here, they’re not just punch­ing the clock and get­ting their check. And, if a cus­tomer has a prob­lem, the team here takes care of it quick. It’s not just the guys in the back. It’s the of­fice, the en­dorsees, the sales team. It’s just a re­ally good col­lec­tion of peo­ple”


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