Team rop­ers’ fa­vorites.

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HORSE: Burt, 14-year-old; An­nie, 8-year-old

SPLINT BOOTS: Cac­tus Gear Ax­iom Equine Sport Boot

WHY? I’ve used them for a while now. I like the Cac­tus Gear splint boots be­cause I feel that they have good sup­port for my horse’s legs, and they last a long time. The straps are nice be­cause they’re lit­tle and they’re easy to put on. I feel like they hold ev­ery­thing in place re­ally good.

MORE: $77.99; cac­tus­; 839-569-4666


HORSE: Turbo, 7-year-old

SPLINT BOOTS: Pro­fes­sional’s Choice Ven­tech Elite Sports Medicine Boots

WHY? I love the way they fit. They are ex­tremely durable. Ev­ery­one knows how much splint boots cost nowa­days. They last, they’re easy to use. I feel like they fit, and com­fort for your horse is what you’re look­ing for. A lot of times, the horses have to have these boots on for long pe­ri­ods of time, so com­fort mat­ters a lot.

MORE: $97.95; prof­; 800-331-9421


HORSE: Dude, 14-year-old

SPLINT BOOTS: Icon­o­clast

WHY? I like the way they have a lit­tle ex­tra pro­tec­tion. It seems like the strap that goes down and around the fet­lock of the horse would make for more pro­tec­tion than a reg­u­lar splint boot. It has a dou­ble-padded strap.

MORE: $79.99; west­ern­le­ga­; 972-741-3513


HORSE: Star­bucks, 20-year-old; Rock­star, 15-year-old

SPLINT BOOTS: Clas­sic Le­gacy2

WHY? They have good sup­port for my horse’s legs. I use the Le­gacy2 on the front and hinds. They seem like they fit good and they don’t have a lot of bulk­i­ness to them. They stay in place well. They have a cra­dle fet­lock sys­tem and it seems like the back strap doesn’t wear out. They seem to breathe pretty good as well.

MORE: $83.99;; 817-573-1884


HORSE: Thomp­son, 13-year-old


WHY? I think they’re the best qual­ity boots I’ve used. They last the long­est out of any boots I’ve used. They breath as good as any of them do. Like any boot, I take mine off re­gard­less be­cause I don’t like my horses to have them on all day. The straps are right on the money—they don’t seem too long or too short.

MORE: $59.95; fast­back­; 800-479-1851

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