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Sec­ond round at the Farm City Pro Rodeo in Her­mis­ton, Ore­gon


4.7 sec­onds


7hird in the go round and av­er­age win with .1 sec­onds on two head, worth 2, 8 a man


0y horse broke on the right lead and it caused me to run by the steer about half a stride. +e’s re­ally not as sTuare stop­ping as I want him to be right there. I re­ally had to make sure to move my left hand back far­ther to the left, so I could see the steer’s left leg.


I was just mak­ing sure with my loop that I held on to it all the way un­til it got to the steer’s legs to make sure that I got the left leg roped. :hen you get by on one, a lot of the time it’s hard to get the in­side leg be­cause you re­ally can’t see it. 7hat’s re­ally what I was work­ing on with my loop right there—just hang­ing on to it as long as I could.


7he steer was good. 7hey were

flat on that steer in the first round. I think $aron 0acy ran it. >/ane@ Ivy did a great job. +e got a great start and hung it on him fast. +e re­ally brought him back, which opened him up and helped me a lot.


$t this point in the year, I’m a lit­tle be­hind and, af­ter win­ning the first round, I hate get­ting in just catch mode be­cause now a days it’s so fast out here that it al­most makes it eas­ier on you be­cause you have to try to go as fast as you can ev­ery time. So, my mind­set was try­ing to get in a good po­si­tion, which re­ally didn’t hap­pen, but the first good jump that I see, I set it down there.


I’ve been con­cen­trat­ing on keep ing my left hand more straight and up on my horse’s neck. On that steer, with get­ting by him, I re­ally had to pull my horse around far ther to the left, so my left hand is a lit­tle more on the left side of my horse’s neck, which is more than I would want on a nor­mal shot.


In the pic­ture, I see I have him roped, and I stayed down un­til the steer gets in it. 7hen, I’m sit­ting back on my pock­ets with my feet out, mak­ing room at the saddle horn.



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