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In­fla­tion is an in­sid­i­ous and largely in­vis­i­ble drain on your net worth. Ev­ery day, the buy­ing power of the U.S. dol­lar de­creases a frac­tion as more money is made. On top of that, most of us keep a fair chunk of change in low- or no-in­ter­est debit ac­counts to cover our dayto-day spend­ing. That yields a fi­nan­cial dou­ble whammy: There’s a hole in your bucket and no new wa­ter be­ing added.

Gold is a dif­fer­ent story, as the chart shows. It’s an in­de­pen­dent cur­rency whose value comes from the lim­ited world­wide sup­ply of bul­lion. There’s no Fed­eral Re­serve to is­sue more bars, so there’s no in­fla­tion. Plus, be­cause it’s a cov­eted pre­cious metal, its price tends to rise.

If only you could put gold in your debit ac­count and spend it, you’d win both ways — no in­fla­tion and bet­ter earn­ings — right? That hasn’t been pos­si­ble since fron­tier days, but that’s about to change. More on the com­pany that is mak­ing gold easy in a mo­ment.

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