Miller’s Point


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Ac­ces­si­ble by boat or by shore, Miller’s Point is just a few min­utes away from Si­mon’s Town, on the coast of False Bay. This dive site im­merses you in a unique ecosys­tem of kelp for­est. Kelps col­o­nize each rocky sub­strate, where many ma­rine in­ver­te­brates pro­lif­er­ate. The dense for­est is one of the most pro­duc­tive and dy­namic ecosys­tems on the planet — it is home to many shark species, such as the shy spot­ted gully shark, py­jama cat­shark, leop­ard cat­shark and more. But the main at­trac­tion here is the high con­cen­tra­tion of broad­nose se­v­engill sharks. This pre­his­toric-look­ing shark strolls lazily un­der the canopy, and it is pos­si­ble to ob­serve sev­eral spec­i­mens at the same time. There are only a few places in the world where it is pos­si­ble to see this shark, and this shal­low dive, 40 feet deep, is suit­able for be­gin­ners. The res­i­dent se­v­engill sharks, which can grow up to 10 feet in length, may even swim up to you with­out reser­va­tion here. The wa­ter tem­per­a­ture can go down to 50 de­grees Fahren­heit, so it’s nec­es­sary to have ap­pro­pri­ate ex­po­sure pro­tec­tion and equip­ment. The vis­i­bil­ity is very ran­dom, rang­ing from 10 to 60-plus feet. Be­tween am­bi­ent and macro pho­tog­ra­phy, it is an ex­cel­lent play­ground for pho­tog­ra­phers.

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