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If you are us­ing a lure that isn’t run­ning cor­rectly, maybe wan­der­ing to the left or right or pop­ping out from the sur­face, then tune it to swim in a straight line. To do this, care­fully bend the lure’s me­tal eye ring in a di­rec­tion that coun­ters the di­rec­tion in which the lure is swim­ming. For ex­am­ple, if a lure is swim­ming to the left and pops out from the wa­ter, then bend the eye of the lure to the right. And con­versely, if the lure is swim­ming to the right, bend the eye slightly to the left.

Hold the lure firmly in your hand and, with­out twist­ing the eye, bend the eye ring over to the left or right with a pair of pli­ers. A lit­tle bend in the eye can make a big dif­fer­ence in the way the lure tracks. For the same rea­son, I pre­fer not to use snaps or snap swivels when trolling lures be­cause the weight of the snap some­times up­sets the del­i­cate ac­tion of a lipped lure.

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