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Plano's new Soft Crate turns the ubiq­ui­tous milk crate, com­mon as a catch-all for kayak an­glers, into a ver­sa­tile tackle sys­tem. The 12-by-121/2-by-171/2-inch Plano is made from water-re­sis­tant fabric; its side stor­age pan­els fold up to form a carry han­dle. The four-panel de­sign fits in­side a 13-by-13-inch milk crate or rests di­rectly on the deck. The Plano's in­te­rior comes with mul­ti­ple com­part­ments ac­cept­ing up to nine 3700-size util­ity boxes. The lid of­fers ad­di­tional stor­age and a zip­pered pocket. The gray-and-red ex­te­rior sports D-rings, tool hold­ers and MOLLE web­bing. The Soft Crate costs $49.99.

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