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Not all SUPS are solid. A grow­ing num­ber of mod­els are in­flat­able, and that trans­lates to eas­ier stowage and porta­bil­ity aboard your boat. It also means you might be able to carry a much larger board than your boat would oth­er­wise ac­cept.

For in­stance, the Zep­pelin (about $1,600) is a 12-foot-4-inch in­flat­able SUP from Bote that’s more than 3 feet wide, can carry two adults, and makes for a sta­ble fish­ing plat­form. When de­flated, how­ever, it folds into a 45-pound back­pack that can stow in a con­sole or fish locker. The Zep­pelin comes with a pump and a re­mov­able skeg.

Thanks to in­flat­able boards and yaks, clever rack sys­tems and in­no­va­tive boat­builders, it’s eas­ier than ever to carry pad­dle craft on your fish­ing boat, then use it as a float­ing base from which to launch ’yaks or SUPs to reach oth­er­wise un­reach­able hot spots.

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