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Furuno chooses not to work di­rectly with boat­builders, in­stead sup­ply­ing its deal­ers with prod­uct. For a 26-foot fish­ing boat, Furuno de­scribed this pack­age as a dream helm:

Two TZ­touch2 (TZTL12F) 12-inch dis­plays DRS6ANXT radar with 3.5-foot open ar­ray DFF3D (3D) multi­beam sonar black box 165T-50/200-SS260 — combo trans­ducer for DFF3D and 50/200 kHz in­ter­nal fish finder NavPilot 300/PG au­topi­lot with head­ing sen­sor GP330B ex­ter­nal GPS sen­sor BBWX3 Sir­ius/XM satel­lite weather an­tenna

“This pack­age of­fers the ul­ti­mate flex­i­bil­ity for this size boat with lim­ited dash space,” says Jeff Kau­zlaric, Furuno ad­ver­tis­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions man­ager. “It fea­tures the 12-inch TZ­touch2 mul­ti­func­tion dis­play with a chart plot­ter, RezBoost 50/200 kHz fish finder, DFF3D multi­beam sonar and a solid-state Dop­pler open-ar­ray radar. We added in the new NavPilot 300 au­topi­lot, which fea­tures rich fish-hunt­ing steer­ing modes and the new ges­ture-con­trol ca­pa­bil­i­ties.” Ges­ture con­trol means a cap­tain can sim­ply press a but­ton on the hand­held Blue­tooth re­mote and point it in the di­rec­tion he wants to go, and the au­topi­lot fol­lows.

Furuno listed ad­di­tional sen­sors that add to nav­i­ga­tional safety and as­sist with other cru­cial fish­ing data, in­clud­ing a Sir­ius/XM weather re­ceiver and an ex­ter­nal GPS sen­sor for re­dun­dancy. “Whether you’re fish­ing for king­fish, tuna, stripers or bot­tom­fish, this pack­age will put you on the fish,” Kau­zlaric says. “Though the DFF3D is a deep­wa­ter sides­can­ning sonar that paints a 3D his­tory, it’s right at home in the bays and in­land wa­ter­ways, help­ing to see fish schools and preda­tors with its 120-de­gree port-to-star­board view.”

of­fers chart “This plot­ter, ev­ery­thing, is the high-pow­ered ul­ti­mate start­ing fish­ing with bird-find­ing the pack­age ba­sics radar of that a and says. TruE­cho “From there, CHIRP we add fish in finder,” the DFF3D Kau­zlaric multi­beam sonar, which gives you 120 de­grees port to star­board of 3D sound­ing images. We added in the new NavPilot 300 au­topi­lot (de­scribed for the smaller-boat pack­age), and we com­bined that with a satel­lite com­pass to give the best pos­si­ble po­si­tion fix, cre­at­ing in­cred­i­ble accuracy for the au­topi­lot and radar over­lays. "Kau­zlaric sug­gested Furuno's high-pow­ered bird-find­ing radar, the DRS25AX X-Class radar, for this dis­crim­i­nat­ing, hard­core fish­er­man. "with this radar, you can scout lo­ca­tions based on birds feed­ing at a dis­tance, far­ther that you can see with your eyes or binoc­u­lars."he say. "the fish-find­ing equip­ment in this dream pack­age cov­ers all pos­si­ble fish­ing types. For mi­dlevel tuna, dol­phin, king­fish an and even bot­tom­fish, the DFF1-UHD will get you to right depths and help you sep­a­rate the in­di­vid­ual preda­tor fish from the bait." Ad­di­tional sen­sor in­clude an AIS transpon­der, Sir­ius/XM weather re­ceiver, FI70 in­stru­ment data re­peater and an ex­ter­nal GPS sen­sor for re­dun­dancy.

Furuno’s TZ­touch dis­plays cou­pled with the com­pany’s DFF3D 3D multi­beam sonar black box (be­lowdecks) pro­vide to­day’s off­shore fish­er­men with a su­pe­rior view of the water col­umn all around their boats.

TZ­touch2 black box (TZT2BB) with dual MU190T touch dis­plays

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