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In re­cent years, whole new lines of lures de­signed to tar­get cobia have cropped up, pri­mar­ily jigs, in­clud­ing lead-heads dressed with var­i­ous types of buck­tail and feath­ers in bright color com­bi­na­tions, sus­pend­ing jigs and jig heads rigged with eels or swim­ming bod­ies.

Bob Feld­haus hand-makes his line of Meat Hog jigs, which he co-owns with Aaron Kelly, and they en­joy a de­vout fol­low­ing in the mid-At­lantic area. Bowed Up lures made in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, also have a very ded­i­cated fol­low­ing. Magic Tail buck­tails, from New Jer­sey, are well-made and re­li­able cobia catch­ers. Wa­hoo! lures sus­pend­ing buck­tail jigs with a rat­tle cham­ber sink very slowly, stay­ing in front of cobia longer than a lead-head jig. Hogy lures’ 9-inch HUDV Jig­ging Eel has a great ac­tion and is a proven cobia catcher. Sim­i­larly, RonZ Per­for­mance Soft Baits in the 6- and 8-inch orig­i­nal series do a great job of fool­ing cobia by im­i­tat­ing eels. The Elaztech Z-Man 10-inch HeroZs are nearly in­de­struc­tible and so light that they fall slowly, mak­ing them great for cobia. Berkley’s Gulp! comes in a 6-inch grub that works beau­ti­fully on a buck­tail jig, and its scent tech­nol­ogy helps per­suade finicky cobia.

It never hurts to have some live eels or bunker if you can get them. Many days I have found suc­cess on my sec­ond, third and fourth pre­sen­ta­tions of var­i­ous of­fer­ings, as I fig­ured out what will turn them on at that time. Al­ways have a va­ri­ety of lures and baits for cobia be­cause their feed­ing moods can be dif­fer­ent, and op­tions sim­ply in­crease your odds of suc­cess.

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