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I’ve caught more species of fish on a sim­ple sabiki with bare gold hooks than us­ing any­thing else. We caught this lit­tle guy while bait­fish­ing near Puerto

Jimenez, Costa Rica, in 80 feet of wa­ter. What is it? Cory Craig Tropic Fins Ad­ven­tures Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Cory, that sweet lit­tle fish with the long, long tail and a big dark spot on the gill cover is Lon­chopisthus si­nus­cal­i­for­ni­cus, the long­tailed jaw­fish. It is a small (to about 12 inches) trop­i­cal fish that in­hab­its the Pa­cific from the Gulf of Cal­i­for­nia to Ecuador in about 10 to 150 feet of wa­ter. This is a very rare catch, and lit­tle is known about the habi­tats of this species. Like other jaw­fishes, it’s likely that this species digs out and lives in bur­rows in the sandy seafloor where it feeds on small in­ver­te­brates. —Mil­ton Love

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