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Radio: Updates on AM 1290 and News 95.7 WHIO. radar at WHIO.com Monday 40 32 52 36 39 26 / / / Today Tuesday Wednesday Full forecastby McCallVrydaghs, C6 Live February 11, 2019 Snowthen rain Rain Snowshowers $2.00 CLARK AND CHAMPAIGNCOUNTIES’HOMETOWN NEWS | SPRINGFIELDNEWSSUN.COM LOCAL& STATE, B1 TODAYAT 5:30PMONNEWS CENTER 7: OHIO FOSTER KIDS IN CRISIS: WHY SOME KIDSAREGETTINGSENTOUTOF STATE PEACENETWORK PROGRAM LOOKS TOCHINESE TRADITIONS COMPLETECOVERAGE SPRINGFIELD Potential candidates must pass civil-service test set forMarch 9. enough hours at a department to have lateral entry,” said Springfifield Police Chief Lee Graf. Ideal candidatesmustbeat least 21 years old, be a high school graduate or equivalent, have 20/20 correctedvision, haveweight proportional to height and possess the overall ability to suffifficiently perform all of the essential functions necessary for the position. If offffffffffffered the position, candidates must then be able to complete approximately 21 weeks of academic and physical training, including 15 weeks of Basic Police Offifficer’s Training in an academy setting, and six weeks of Springfifield department training. “You have to be someone who likes people and serving people. How well you work with people want to make things better for people, that’s important,” ByRileyNewton StaffffWriter The Springfield Police Division is looking to add more offifficers to the force. The division announced applications are being accepted until Feb. 22, withplans for the civil service examto be on March 2. Springfield hire yearround, and are always looking for qualifified police offifficers, but those who are not offifficers must pass a civil service testwith a minimumscore of 70percent as part of application process. “This test is primarily for level people or someone who is with a department part time or someone who does not have held police JeffffSpradlin operates a laser cutter at Spradlin Bros. Welding on Thursday. Spradlin Bros. Welding received about $400,000 in loans fromthe state. BILL LACKEY PHOTOS / STAFF police their and entry Policecontinued onA6 COMPLETECOVERAGE through the State of Ohio Controlling Board, which controls the Regional 166Direct Loan Program that provides loans that can be used for land building acquisition, construction, expansion or renovation and equipment purchases, according to state documents. According to Spradlin, this is the secondtime that the company has receivedthe loan. Theprocess involves a local bank supplying 50 percent of the funds, Spradlin Bros. providing 10 percent the state supplying the rest. With the addition of the Regional 166 Direct Loan and theother funding neededinorder ByRileyNewton Rita Lewis, seen here at a Capitol Hill rally in December, took up the cause of her late husband, a retired truck driver. StaffffWriter Spradlin Bros. Welding Company has received an almost $ 400,000 loan from the state of Ohio. The $390,812 loanwent toward purchasing an 8,000-watt laser cutting machine, which is used for cutting steal, aluminum and stainless steel plates. Themachine can also cut through plastic and rubber. “We just installed it last week,” JeffffSpradlin, the president of SpradlinBros. Welding Company. Spradlin Bros. will have the opportunity to bring on three more employees with the purchaseof thelaser cuttingmachine, and CONTRIBUTED A laser cutter precisely cuts shapes out ofmetal at Spradlin Bros. Welding. and said as well as retain 15 existing employees. Spradlin Bros. received the Regional 166 Direct Loan 60K Ohioans saddled with troubled plans Loancontinued onA6 DIGGINGDEEPER Senators vowtopress on, address troubled multiemployerpensions. Rita Lewis accepted Sen. Brown’s invitation to the State of the Union last weekwith a singular thought in mind: Perhaps she could once again drawattention to the plight of the nearly 1.3 million retirees at risk of losing their endangered pensions. The West Chester Twp. woman’s husband, retired truck driver Butch Lewis, died on NewYear’s Eve 2015worrying about the crisis and its impact both on him his fellow retirees. When he died, OhioRita Lewis took up the It’s beenthree years since then, and the problem still looms. Now, twomonths intothe 2019, a solution that both can Montgomery, Clark near top of Ohio counties with gunshot injuries ByJessicaWehrman Washington Bureau before, according to the Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger. “As far as trauma, gunshot wounds are relatively lethal because of the degree of energy that is imparted by a fast-moving projectile,” said Harshbarger. “It does a lot of tissue damage, but that’s a general statement because a gunshotbecomes lethalbecause of what it hits.” In 2017, Franklin, Clark stays for severe and traumatic injuries - after burns, motorcycle crashes and pedestrian strikes, according to this newspaper’s analysis of 2017 data from the Ohio Trauma Registry In 2017, gunshotswere also the fourthleading cause of severe and traumatic injuries in Montgomery County that led to hospitalization and the leading cause in Clark County, the data show. Last year, about 95 people died from gun fire in Montgomery County, about 86 died the year ByCorneliusFrolik — Last year, a joint of U.S. House members senators vowed to solve the problem of what to do with troubledmultiemployerpensions. They had until Nov. 30 to come up with a solution. Theymissed thedeadline, Sens. SherrodBrownandRobPortman, who have more than 60,000 constituents saddled with these troubled plans in the state, vowed to press on. There still is not a solution. WASHINGTON StaffffWriter committee and State medical data showClark and Montgomery counties had some of the highest per capita rates of firearm injuries in the state in 2017. Shootings, regardless if they are deliberate or unintentional, can cause severe injuries that lead to hospitalizations, disabilities and death. InOhio, are the fourth-highest cause of long hospital pension and fifight. butOhio fififth extended and sides fifirearminjuries Wounds continued onA6 Pensions continued onA6 NATION& WORLD, A3 LOCAL& STATE, B1 SPORTS, C1 INDEX Classifieds Comics D24 D3 Crossword Deaths D6 B4 Klobucharannounces herbidtobepresident Solarboatracereturns toCountyFairgrounds CoachsaysOSU’sjobis toboostOhiofootball Volume38, Number42 “I will focus on getting things done,” saysMinnesota’s threetermDemocratic senator.“That’s what I’ve donemywhole life.” SolarSplash this summerwill challenge college students from aroundtheworldtobuildand race boats poweredby the sun. Buckeyes’s RyanDay told the crowdat a coaches clinic,“We’re going to continue to recruit the state as hardaswepossibly can.” v( g02099* LLTSMp( u Delivery times; 8:00 Sun, 7:30 Sat,& 6:30 Mon-Fri, contact us at SpringfifieldNewsSun.com/customerservice or (800) 441-6397 | Breaking news all day at SpringfifieldNewsSun.com Copyright 2019 Springfifield News-Sun PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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