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D2 SPRINGFIELDNEWS-SUN COMPLETE. IN-DEPTH. DEPENDABLE. • • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 An age-old complaint TELEVISION RuPaul of ‘World’s Best’ votes for love for storing. — Heloise ByRickBentley Improve your health TribuneNews Service Dear Heloise: Improving your health is as easy as brushing and flossing your teeth, or so says my dentist. Is this really true? RuPaul Charles will never be Simon Cowell. Cowell became infamous for his unabashed honesty as a judge on reality competition series such as “American Idol,” “The X Factor” and “American’s Got Talent.” His brutal comments have sent many a hopeful home to re- evaluate their career choice. RuPaul takes on a similar situation with the new CBS series “The World’s Best,” which debuted after the network’s Super Bowl telecast and airs on Wednesdays. Thewell-known host, actor, singer and performer joins Faith Hill and Drew Barrymore as the three American judges who will be helping pick a winner fromcompetitors fromaround theworld. Don’t look for RuPaul to go all Simon Cowell on the participants. “I have a sense that people have had enough of the meanness,” RuPaul says. “In the past two years, if something comes on television where I can sense people are going to be mean to one another, I cannot watch it. That’s because there is somuch of that going on in the world right now. “I may be living in a pink cloud, perhaps, but I am58 years old and I have seen a lot of nasty stuff. I don’t want any more right now. Not by choice.” To be fair, unlike early seasons of “American Idol” where bad singers were fed to Cowell just to watch the slaughter, RuPaul and the other judgeson“TheWorld’s Best” will never face that situation. Only acts that have showngreat skill andsuccess will get tostep onto the stage. “The World’s Best” is hosted byEmmyAward winner and late-night talk show LOS ANGELES — Heloise — Alicia V., Lincoln, N.D. Household Hints Alicia, yes, it’s true. Research has found a link between oral care and overall health. Bacteria will in time build up in the mouth, making the gums susceptible to infection. Before long, the infection becomes gum disease, which affects the whole body. Your dentist can tell you more in detail. Readers, I strongly suggest making an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning and X-rays to ensure you stay as healthy as possible. Dear Readers: Today’s SOUND OFF is about age discrimination.— Heloise “Dear Heloise: I retired last year from a job I held for over 25 years. I’m in excellent health, and I want to work part time. Before I retired, I was a district manager and wellrespected in my field. My resume was done professionally and mentions the awards and achievements of my career. The problem is, no one seems to want to hire people my age. “I’m not alone, because I’ve heard the same thing from other retirees who want to put in an honest day’s work but can’t get hired. We’ll work for the money that’s offered; we’ll show up on time and do the job. We have so much experience and numerous skills, but age discrimination is our biggest problem. Employers should really take a second look at retirees and give us a chance to show how loyal, trustworthy and reliable a senior employee can be when given the opportunity.” (Left to right) AlisonHolloway, MikeDarnell, RuPaul Charles and BenWinston speak during the CBS segment of the 2019Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena on Jan. 30 in Pasadena, Calif. — Heloise PHOTO BY FREDERICKM. BROWN/GETTY IMAGES Overmedicating Dear Heloise: My daughter-in-law was given a medication for my grandson, and the nurse told her to give him 1 teaspoonful at bedtime. It’s even written on the bottle’s label. The following day, I noticed half the bottle was gone! My daughter-in-law had inadvertently overdosed my grandson, apparently believing that if a little is good, more is even better. Please tell your readers that it’s crucial to read the prescription label, listen to the doctor’s instructions and follow them to the letter. My grandson suffered no long-lasting harm, but not all children will be as lucky as he was.— RuPaul, especially through the series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” RuPaul has found it easy to judge such diversity through a combination of skill and using his “emotional GPS.” “I also discuss it with the other judges,” RuPaul says. “There are a lot of factors that go into making a decision. It’s different every single time, but I always go withmy emotional GPS. It’s important to use that, especially inthis kind of situation. “I will say I always like when the performers on stage are adding love and emotion to what they are doing. I think that makes a difference with everything on this planet. When you add love and your heart to something, you got me.” Where things get just a little fuzzy is the scoring system used to advance participants. With a smile, RuPaul says it all sounds like math and that’s not a strong suit for the judge. host JamesCorden. Whenall the smoke and dust clears, one performer will be going homewith a $1million prize. The marks of the three American judges will be addedtovotingby50experts from38 countrieswhomake up the wall of the world of judges. Executive producer AlisonHolloway stresses it’s the panel of international judges and the selection of first-rate talent fromaround theworldthat are the biggest differences between “The World’sBest” andothercompetition shows. Those also were the reasonsRuPaulwas willing to be a judge. “This show represents the global promise that we were all promised as kids — I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s — as to what the world would be and howwewould be interlinked. A lot of that has come true and a lot of it hasn’t in ourworld,” RuPaul says. “A lot of people are stuck in the 20th century and they don’twant tomove forward. HOWTOWATCH What:“ TheWorld’s Best” When: 8p.m. Wednesdays CBS Network: “This showrepresents that vision of a globalworld and I dig that. We are more similar than we are not. It was phenomenal to sit there and watch all these amazing people from around the world express themselves, andthen to, of course, bond with all the judges, and judges from around the world.” Getting to a final winner means selecting from an eclectic group of performers that include acrobats, singers, magicians, martial arts experts and even a dog that can hypnotize people. This means the judges will have to weigh the abilities of very different performers against each other. Judging is nothing new for — Roger H., South Bend, Ind. 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