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D15 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 • COMPLETE. IN-DEPTH. DEPENDABLE. Feb. 14 THURSDAY EVENING 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 THURSDAY BROADCAST CHANNELS Inside Edition Jeopardy! The Titan Games Brooklyn NineNine Brooklyn Nine Will& Grace Brooklyn Nine Will& Grace (9:01) AMillion Little Things Will& Grace Law& Order: Special Victims Unit 2News at 11 (11:34) Tonight Show-J. Fallon (11:34) J. Fallon (11:34) J. Fallon (11:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (11:35) Late Show-Colbert News Center 7 (11:35) J. Kimmel (11:35) Colbert (11:35) Colbert NHKNewsline (N) (N) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (DVS) (N) 1 3 WDTN MOVIES ^ (CC) (CC) (N) (N) (CC) (DVS) 3 0 0 0 NBC 4 at 7 Access Entertainment Tonight Wheel of Fortune Extra Extra Access The Titan Games The Titan Games Grey’s Anatomy Law& Order: Special Victims Unit Law& Order: Special Victims Unit Howto GetAway With Murder NBC 4 at 11 News5 at 11:00 ABC6 News at 11 (N) (N) (N) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) A sea of patients floods the hospital. (N) (CC) (N) WCMH 3 3 0 $ WLWT WSYX 3 3 3 0 % Rome’s brother pays an unexpected visit. (N) (N) N) (CC) Annalise struggles with a decision. A patrol officer is killed. (N) 7:45 a.m. Random Harvest (TCM) 3 & (’42, Drama) Ronald Colman. A love-struck woman rebuilds an amnesiac’s shattered life. (2:15) (N) (CC) (CC) (N) (CC) ››› 0 0 0 Entertainment The Big Bang Tonight Theory M*A*S*H Andy Griffith The List Grey’s Anatomy Wheel of Fortune Big Bang Theory Ent. Tonight Big Bang Theory DWNews Doc Martin (8:31) Young Sheldon Andy Griffith (9:01) Mom Fam( S.W.A.T. News Center 7 at 11 Carol Burnett 9 On Your Side 10TV News Local 12 News BBCWorld News 0 WHIO _ (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (N) 1 3 3 0 0 10 a.m. Waterloo Bridge (TCM) ››› (’40, Romance) Vivien Leigh. A ballerina’s fiance is called to battle during WWI. (2:00) M*A*S*H 9 On Your Side Jeopardy! Inside Edition NHKNewsline Gomer Pyle WKRPCincinnati Hogan’s Heroes Hogan’s Heroes (9:01) AMillion Little Things Howto GetAway With Murder (9:01) Mom Fam( S.W.A.T. (9:01) Mom Fam( S.W.A.T. (8:55) Midsomer (9:43) Midsomer Murders Murders Antiques Roadshow The Orville WHIO (7-2) 3 3 (N) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (CC) WCPO 3 0 0 0 ) (8:31) Sheldon (8:31) Sheldon (N) (N) N) N) A patrol officer is killed. A patrol officer is killed. The murder (CC) WBNS Noon Hitch (’05, Romance-Comedy) Will Smith. A smooth-talker helps a shy accountantwoo an heiress. (2:30) 1 0 0 0 (FREE) * ››› WKRC WPTO 0 0 0 , (10:31) Travels With Darley The annual rowing race. . (CC) (CC) of a dinner guest. (CC) (CC) (DVS) (CC) The lives of black men. (N) (N) (CC) 3 3 3 1 1 Noon Dark Victory (’39, Drama) Bette Davis. A dying heiress embarks on a social whirl. (1:45) (TCM) ››› Nightly Business Curious Traveler The This Old House Hour Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! Gotham Independent Lens FOX19 NOWat 10 Songs Center (11:35) The Goldbergs (11:35) J. Kimmel Family Guy Video Jukebox (N) Gordon assembles an unlikely team. (N) (CC) (DVS) (N) (CC) WPTD WXIX 1 1 0 0 (11:05) FOX19 NOWat 11 Howto GetAway With Murder ABC 22 News NEWS Dayton 2NEWS at 10 blackish On the Rise Live fromCMH Death in Paradise As Time Goes By Amanpour-Co The Office The Office The Office Pawn Stars Cheaters Cheaters Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. News at Ten (10:45) Fox 45 Modern Family SharylAttkisson Movie: Some Like It Hot” 800Words Amanpour and Company Local 12 News DailyMailTV Page SixTV (N) (N) 1 0 1:45 p.m. Grass Splendor in the (TCM) 3 (N) (CC) (CC) (N) (CC) 1 0 3 (’61, Drama) Natalie Wood. Parents drive two high-school lovers tragically apart in 1920s Kansas. (2:15) ›››‡ Family Feud TMZ Prime Cuts Nightly Business This Old House Paid Program Paid Program Engagement Cityline Chicago P.D. Big Bang Theory Modern Family (6:00) Movie:“The Cutting Edge” PBS NewsHour Big Bang Theory Grey’s Anatomy 14 GreatestValentine’s DayMovies Live the Couch Video Jukebox Broad& High Neighborhoods Frasier Frasier Engagement Comics Chicago P.D. Gotham The Good Wife Miss Fisher’s MurderMysteries Big Bang Theory The Good Wife Family Feud Page SixTV (9:01) AMillion Little Things Legacies (N) WKEF 3 3 0 0 0 6 (N) (CC) WBDT 3 3 0 3 0 : Whisky WWRD 2 p.m. My Name Is Bruce @ (40) ››› Doc Martin Frasier The First Family Chicago P.D. The Orville The Good Wife Antiques Roadshow The Good Wife (’07, Horror) Bruce Campbell. Actor Bruce Campbell battles real demons in Oregon. (2:00) A police open house. (CC) (CC) (CC) WOSU 3 B Frasier Mr. BoxOffice The Office Pawn Stars (CC) (CC) WBQC 1 1 3 1 3 3 3 0 0 0 F (CC) WRCX 2 p.m. Mystery Date (’91, Suspense) Ethan Hawke. Mistaken identities turn a first date into a madcap flight. (2:00) 0 0 H (45-2) ››› (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (Part 1 of 2) (CC) (N) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (Part 2 of 2) (CC) (CC) WKOI 0 0 0 0 0 K 2 Broke Girls (N) WRGT 0 0 0 M ››››“ (’59) Tony Curtis. (CC) (N) (CC) WRGT 2:30 p.m. The Karate Kid (45-2) (AMC) 0 0 (’84, Drama) Ralph Macchio. A Japanese handyman teaches a teenager to defend himself. (3:00) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) WCET ›››‡ 3 1 3 P DailyMailTV (CC) (CC) (N) (N) WSTR 0 0 3 ∞ CABLE CHANNELS 4 p.m. Too All This and Heaven (TCM) (’40, Drama) Bette Davis. A new governess creates scandal for a French nobleman. (2:30) The First 48 (5:30) Movie:“Karate Kid II” River Monsters (6:54) Movie: TheWood” Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Top Chef Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Shark Tank Shark Tank Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 (6:50) The Office (7:25) The Office The Office The Office The Best Thing I EverAte Good Eats Good Eats Movie:“Disney’s Descendants 2” Building Offthe Grid E! News College Basketball: College Basketball: College Football Chopped NHL Hockey: (5:30) Movie: PrettyWoman” (5:00) Movie:“Maze Runner” The Story With Martha MacCallum PGATour Golf: (6:00) Movie:“My SecretValentine” Movie:“The Story of Us” Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Swamp People Swamp People Bring It! Bring It! Hardball With Chris Matthews All In With Chris Hayes Ex on the Beach: Ex-tra Edition Ex on the Beach Japan Between Earth and Sky Alaska State Troopers The Loud House Henry Danger SpongeBob SpongeBob Chicago P.D. NCIS Friends Friends Friends Friends (5:00) Movie: Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Big Bang Theory (6:30) Movie: Brief Encounter” Movie: The Philadelphia Story” SayYes, Dress SayYes, Dress Dr. Pimple Popper Dr. Pimple Popper (6:30) Movie:“Vacancy 2: Cut” Movie:“Assassination Games” NBATip-Off NBABasketball: We Bare Bears Adventure Time The Dead Files The Dead Files M*A*S*H Love-Raymond Love-Raymond NCIS Movie: Thor: The DarkWorld” Black Ink Crew: Chicago Movie: Barbershop: The Next Cut” Growing Up Hip Hop Growing Up Hip Hop (8:59) Growing Up Hip Hop Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing The First 48 Movie: Jurassic Park” River Monsters: River Monsters: Homicide SquadAtlanta (10:01) 60 Days In (11:04) The First 48 Movie: Jurassic Park” (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (’93) Sam Neill. Cloned dinosaurs run amok at an island-jungle theme park. Deadly predator in a Bolivian river. (’09) Tyler Perry. (CC) (N) (CC) (’12, Comedy-Drama) Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer. (CC) (CC) (CC) A&E ››› 0 0 0 0 ›››“ ›››“ AMC River Monsters: River Monsters: River Monsters Movie: Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” (9:01) Million Dollar LA (10:01) Backyard Envy Movie: Magic Mike” Shark Tank Cuomo Prime Time The Office The Office Good Eats Good Eats (9:05) Sydney Bizaardvark Building Offthe Grid (CC) (CC) ANPL 4 p.m. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (TMC) 3 3 (’01, Science Fiction) Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law. An android boy embarks on a journey to discover his true nature. ‘PG-13’ (2:25) ››“ ››“ (11:36) Martin (11:31) Million LA (11:45) Movie (’99, Drama) Omar Epps, Taye Diggs. (N) (CC) ›››‡ BET (11:01) Watch BRAVO 0 3 Last-Standing ›››“ CMTV Shark Tank Shark Tank CNNTonight With Don Lemon CNNTonight With Don Lemon Broad City The Other Two The Daily Show (11:36) Broad City Fact or Fict Fact or Fict Good Eats Bunk’d Bunk’d Raven’s Home Raven’s Home Building Offthe Grid Building Offthe Grid Dating: No Filter Busy Tonight Movie:“50 SportsCenter College Basketball: College Football Beat Bobby Flay World Poker The 700 Club (CC) Stylish baby shoes. (N) (CC) (CC) (DVS) (N) (CC) (CC) CNBC 3 3 3 3 3 5p.m. The Fifth Element (SYFY) ››› (N) (CC) (N) (N) CNN (’97, Science Fiction) Bruce Willis. A NewYork cabby tries to save Earth in 2259. (2:30) 3 COM 3 3 3 3 0 (CC) (CC) COOK 1 1 1 1 5:30 p.m. Pretty Woman (FREE) (’17, Children’s) Dove Cameron. (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) DIS (’90, Romance-Comedy) Richard Gere. A corporate raider hires a hooker to act as a business escort. (2:30) 1 1 1 1 ››› Building Offthe Grid Movie: Fifty Shades ofGrey” (CC) (CC) (’15, Romance) Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan. (CC) (N) Teams TBA. (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) DSC 1 1 1 1 1 ››“ (N) (CC) E! 0 UFC Unleashed College Basketball: College Football Chopped UFC Main Event Teams TBA. (N) Teams TBA. (N) From Oct. 27, 2012. (CC) (CC) (CC) NewYork Islanders at Columbus Blue Jackets. (N) Ben mentors Levi. (N) (N) (N) (CC) Teams TBA. (N) (CC) ESPN 6:30 p.m. Brief Encounter (TCM) 0 0 (’45, Romance) Celia Johnson. A doctor and a housewife meet by chance at a train station. (1:30) ESPN 2 ›››› ESPNC Chopped Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay Blue Jackets Bearcats Insider Formula E: Str Beauty and the Beast” Movie: Happy Death Day” The Ingraham Angle LPGATour Golf: Movie:“Valentine in the Vineyard” House Hunters Hunters Int’l (10:03) Truck Night in America (10:03) The Rap Game The LastWord Catfish: The TV Show Life BelowZero: Ice Breakers Beat Bobby Flay FOOD 7:30 p.m. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (SYFY) 1 1 1 (’05, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe. Voldemort lays a trap for Harry at the Triwizard Tournament. (3:30) FOXSP ››› ›››“ Siren Movie: Happy Death Day” Tucker Carlson Tonight Movie: ››››“ (CC) (’17, Horror) Jessica Rothe. (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) Genesis Open, First Round. From Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif. (’19, Romance) Maggie Lawson, Sam Page. (CC) (’91) Voices of Paige O’Hara. (CC) (CC) (’17, Horror) Jessica Rothe. (CC) FREE 0 ››“ ››“ FX 8 p.m. Jurassic Park (AMC) Hannity FoxNews at Night With Shannon (N) (CC) ISPS Handa Australian Open, Second Round. (N) (’19) Rachael Leigh Cook. (CC) ›››‡ FXN (’93, Adventure) Sam Neill. Cloned dinosaurs run amok at an island-jungle theme park. (3:00) GOLF HALL 8 p.m. The Philadelphia Story (TCM) Flip or Flop Swamp People Bring It! The Rachel MaddowShow( Ex on the Beach Alaska State Troopers Movie: IceAge: The Meltdown” NCIS Lip Sync Battle Flip or Flop House Hunters House Hunters (11:05) Swamp People (11:18) Rap Game Bring It! The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Catfish: The TV Show Life BelowZero Friends NCIS HGTV 1 1 1 1 (’40, Romance-Comedy) Cary Grant. An ex-husband’s return upsets a socialite’s wedding plans. (2:00) ›››› (CC) (DVS) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (N) (CC) (CC) (DVS) HIST 3 3 3 3 3 (CC) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (N) LIF 3 3 3 3 3 (N) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) N) (CC) MSNBC 8 p.m. Cut Barbershop: The Next (VH1) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) MTV (’16, Comedy) Ice Cube. Calvin and the gang must save the neighborhood from crime. (2:30) (’12, Comedy-Drama) Channing Tatum. A male stripper takes a young upstart under his wing. (2:45) 0 0 0 3 3 ››› (CC) (CC) NGEO 3 0 0 3 0 ››“ Friends (CC) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (’98) Adam Sandler. (CC) (’05) Daniel Radcliffe. Voldemort lays a trap for Harry at the Triwizard Tournament. (’06) Voices of Ray Romano. (CC) (CC) (DVS) (CC) NICK 1 0 3 9 p.m. Magic Mike (CMTV) ››› NCIS Movie: (CC) (CC) (CC) (DVS) (CC) (CC) (DVS) OXY 0 0 0 0 0 (9:32) Lip Sync ›››“ TheWedding Singer” (CC) PARMT 3 3 3 3 ›››“ Movie: Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Conan Movie: Father of the Bride” My 600-Lb. Life Maximum Risk” ››“ Victor Frankenstein” MiracleWorkers SYFY 9 p.m. Beauty and the Beast (FREE) Big Bang Theory (N) (’50, Comedy) Spencer Tracy. (CC) (DVS) TBS (’91, Children’s) Voices of Paige O’Hara. Animated. A maiden trades placeswith her captive father. (2:00) 3 3 3 3 0 ›››› ››››“ ››››“ ››››“ (’40) Cary Grant. (CC) (DVS) (N) TCM (N) (’96) Jean-Claude Van Damme. (N) (CC) TLC 0 0 3 (9:45) Movie: ››“ Movie:“Witless” NBABasketball Family Guy (’11) Scott Adkins (CC) Oklahoma City Thunder at NewOrleans Pelicans. (N) (CC) 10 p.m. The Wedding Singer TMC (PARMT) (’98, Romance-Comedy) Adam Sandler. A1980swedding crooner attempts to find true love. (2:30) ››› Inside the NBA Bob’s Burgers (N) (CC) TNT Total Drama Adventure Time American Dad The Dead Files Love-Raymond American Dad Bob’s Burgers Kindred Spirits Two/Half Men Family Guy The Dead Files King of Queens TOON 0 0 10 p.m. Father of the Bride (CC) (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (CC) TRAV (TCM) 3 3 3 3 3 (’50, Comedy) Spencer Tracy. A family agonizes over a bride-tobe’s immensewedding. (2:00) ›››› M*A*S*H Love-Raymond Two/Half Men Movie: Thor: The DarkWorld” Movie: HowHigh” Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Growing Up Hip Hop Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing King of Queens TVL 3 3 ››“›››“ ››“›“ (CC) (DVS) (’13, Action) Chris Hemsworth. (CC) (DVS) (’16, Comedy) Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer. (CC) (N) (’13, Action) (’01) Method Man, Redman. (CC) (CC) USA 0 10:30 p.m. Some Like It Hot (CC) (CC) (45-2) VH1 0 (’59, Comedy) Tony Curtis. Two gangland murder witnesses disguise themselves aswomen. (2:30) ›››› (CC) WE 0 0 0 0 WGN-A PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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