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What is status of Noah Wyle series?


- By Rich

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Whatever happened to “Leverage: Redemption” that starred Noah Wyle? I was really enjoy- ing the show.

A: The series completed telecasts of a 13-episode second season in January on Freevee (which is also available via Prime Video). It looked as if the caper series was ready for a third season, but I have not seen an announceme­nt about one yet.

Q: In a December column, you said “Alaska Daily” would be returning on Feb. 23. That did not happen. Do you have an update on the show?

A: ABC moved the drama’s return to Thursday, March 2. According to Tvline.com, “The move will allow viewers to watch the remainder of Season 1 uninterrup­ted over the course of five consecutiv­e weeks.”

Q: Will there be any more “Dexter” shows with Michael C. Hall?

A: As you know, Hall’s serial killer character, Dexter Morgan, was killed at the end of “Dexter: New Blood” last year. But Showtime has announced plans for a “Dexter: Origins” series about the character as a young man; a return of “New Blood” focus- ing on Dexter’s son Harrison, and possibly “projects based on other characters fromthe ‘Dexter’ universe.”

Q: We recently watched “The Hammer” with Reba Mcentire. Is there any possibilit­y a series will follow instead of just the one movie?

A: For those of you tuning in late, the Lifetime movie starred Mcentire as traveling judge Kim Wheeler, a character inspired by real- life judge Kimberly Wanker. Mcentire has reportedly said she’d like to play Wheeler again in more movies or a series, because “I just fell in love with the character.” And, she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Wanker has plenty of stories to inspire new production­s.

Q: What happened to “Mr. Inbetween”? Is there a new season? It was very quirky and original.

A: The drama about a hitman, and inspired by the movie “The Magician,” aired on FX for three seasons, ending in 2021. You can find the old episodes on Hulu.

Q: My daughter and I really loved a show on ABC years ago called “The Crossing.” It was canceled and disappeare­d. Is there anywhere you know of to find it?

A: The science-fiction drama starring Steve Zahn ran on ABC for a sin g le season in 2018. One place you can find the episodes is Prime Video.

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 ?? ELIOT BRASSEAUX/AMAZON FREEVEE/TNS ?? Beth Riesgraf and Noah Wyle in Season 2 of “Leverage: Redemption.”
ELIOT BRASSEAUX/AMAZON FREEVEE/TNS Beth Riesgraf and Noah Wyle in Season 2 of “Leverage: Redemption.”

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