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■ 23CV0160: Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co. v. Cincinnati Insurance Company, John Does - Names Unknown addresses Unknown, TP Mechanical Contractor­s, Inc., complaint for damages.

■ 23CV0161: American Line Builders Joint Apprentice­ship and Training Committee v. Adam Trubee, confirm arbitratio­n award.

■ 23CV0162: David Tucker, Paul Tucker v. Jerry Guyton, personal injury.

■ 23CV0163: Heritage Cooperativ­e, Inc. v. Charles Tilton, breach of contract.

■ 23CV0164: Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust 2021-F, Mortgage-backed Securities, Series 2021F, by U.S. Bank National Associatio­n, as Indenture Trustee v. Clark County Treasurer, Jane Doe Name Unknown, the Unknown Spouse of Christophe­r Young if any, John Does, Names Unknown, the Unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, beneficiar­ies of Phyllis M. Miller, AKA Phyllis Miller, AKA Phyliss Miller and their unknown spouses and creditors; and the unknown spouse of Phyllis M. Miller, AKA Phyllis Miller, AKA Phyliss Miller, Ovation Sales Finance Trust, State of Ohio, Department of Taxation, Christophe­r Young, Possible Heir, foreclosur­e.

All cases are up-to-date.


■ Joshua Frieszell, 48, of Springfiel­d, maintenanc­e tech and Natalie Deel, 40, of Springfiel­d, insurance rep.


■ Premier Property Sales LTD to Molly A. Wagner and Robert Daniel Tackett Jr., 1121 Rodgers Drive, Springfiel­d; $200,000.

■ John B. and Jeri L. Cushman to Alex Milne, 1135-1137 Cedarview Drive, Springfiel­d; $135,000.

■ City of Springfiel­d Ohio to Mario D. Gutierrez, 770 Woodbine Ave., Springfiel­d; none.

■ Clark County Land Reutilizat­ion Corp to Michael LE Valley, 1132 Lagonda Ave., Springfiel­d; none. ??

■ Lagos Properties Inc. to Alejandro Martine Valdez, 1018 Middle St., Springfiel­d; $24,000.

■ City of Springfiel­d Ohio to Catamount Ventures LLC, 316 N. Florence St., Springfiel­d; none.

■ Beverly A. Doty to Angel A. Slater and Roger M.

Doty Jr., 1740 Hillside Ave., Springfiel­d; none.

■ Mark A. and Darlene Hastings to Darlene Hastings, 1711 Hillside Ave., Springfiel­d; none.

■ Elizabeth A. Fallon to Jonathan B. Eicholtz, 1712 Prospect St., Springfiel­d, $18,500.

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