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■ 23CV0171: U.S. Bank National Associatio­n v. Clark County Treasurer, Jennifer Jewell, John

Doe Name Unknown, the Unknown Spouse of Jennifer Jewell, if any, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, foreclosur­e.

■ 23CV0172: Credit Acceptance Corporatio­n v. Shatoria Slaughter, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.


■ Paige Underwood, 23, of Springfiel­d, pharmacy and Cody Hoffman, 26, of Springfiel­d, warehouse.

■ Steven Bain, 33, of Panama City, FL, welder and Andrea Berner, 46, of New Carlisle, nurse.

■ Kymberlee Seyfried, 23, of Springfiel­d, retail shift manager and Joshua Moore, 25, of Springfiel­d, production manager.

■ James Tingley, 48, of Springfiel­d, sales person and Helena Dietrich, 44, of Springfiel­d, assembly.

■ Ashley Rice, 33, of Springfiel­d, warehouse worker and Kevin Banks, 42, IT engineer.

■ Carmen Threats, 38, of Springfiel­d, Topre and Kenderson Cesaire, 22, of Springfiel­d, Topre.


■ Israel Gallegos to Emilio Gallegos, 8 University Road; none.

■ Rocco T. Holdings, LLC to Charles T. Morris, 1035 Sycamore Road, New Carlisle; $149,800.

■ Vivian J. Finfrock to

Genesis 7 Properties Limited, 1111 Styer Drive,

New Carlisle; $50,000.

■ Randy W. and Teresa Collins to Charles T. Morris, 1129 Wendall Ave., New Carlisle; $160,000.

■ Tabitha A. Walters to Tackett Investment­s, LLC, 242Weinlan­d St., New Carlisle; $99,000.

■ Albert C. and Charlene K. Copes to Charlene K. Copes, 11195 New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle; none.

■ Yolanda Gonzalez and Rodolfo Alvarado to Rodolfo Alvarado Mendez, 111 E. Lincoln St., New Carlisle; none.

■ Jason W. and Angela M. Hones to Michael James Lockett, 304 W. Madison

St., New Carlisle; $195,000.

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