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For Stam­ford, Thanks­giv­ing foot­ball deal may be a turkey

“Who­ever cut that deal is not a friend to Stam­ford.”

— Lois Zin­man Warnock, via face­­for­dad­vo­cate “Stam­ford should get the bulk of the prof­its or don’t hold the game in Stam­ford.”

— Mau­reen Lef­fand, via face­­for­dad­vo­cate “As a Darien par­ent, I’m sur­prised to hear about the gate re­ceipts. I (wrongly) be­lieved that Stam­ford was also a ben­e­fi­ciary. I’m sure there’s a com­pro­mise that’s good for all par­ties, in­clud­ing the host. Thank you, Stam­ford for al­low­ing your neigh­bor­ing towns to uti­lize a most awe­some venue for big games like these.”

— John Sini, via face­­for­dad­vo­cate

Stam­ford sub­sti­tute teacher’s ar­rest spurs pol­icy change

“How much money in salaries to screw this up? This is from the Donna Valen­tine school of man­ag­ing. Com­i­cal yet again .... ” — ryakid­dinme, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “What a won­der­ful per­son to en­trust the chil­dren with! And he gets paid too!”

— tox­i­cagua, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Stam­ford par­ents de­mand so­lu­tions in class­room mold prob­lem

“If my kids get sick from this, you bet­ter be­lieve I'm bring­ing them to court. This city is a joke. They have money to rip apart every other road, but no money for the schools.”

— Bobby Viesto, via face­­for­dad­vo­cate “Mice, birds, fe­ces, and mold? Maybe it’s time to get a new man­age­ment com­pany to run the fa­cil­i­ties. If this was the pri­vate sec­tor, peo­ple would be held ac­count­able.” — pe­teh, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Feds: Pizze­ria owner pleads guilty to fed­eral tax of­fense

“All the Trumpees should love this guy. He's smart, he doesn't pay taxes. Sound fa­mil­iar?”

— Logic, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “Only pay­ing the taxes you are legally re­quired to is smart — not pay­ing taxes you ac­tu­ally owe is a crime. The fact you can't tell the dif­fer­ence ex­plains why you vote Demo­crat.”

— noo­dles, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Stam­ford school district closes New­field por­ta­ble class­rooms

“What should we ex­pect with a com­plete fail­ure as a leader like Martin. Pat your- selves on the back and keep talk­ing about the other can­di­dates be­ing home­less, while Martin con­tin­ues his de­struc­tion of Stam­ford.”

— ef­bee­nie, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “$100 mil­lion has been spent on Mill River Park while our schools de­te­ri­o­rate. Tells us where the city’s pri­or­i­ties are.”

— his­to­ry­buff, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Baby Safe Haven laws re­main lit­tle known in Conn., ex­perts say

“Sadly, there's sim­ply no in­cen­tive for a full-term preg­nancy when the baby is un­wanted by the mother; ex­er­cis­ing "women’s health" and the "right to choose" is chic and in style these days. Plus, it's free.”

— eta­covda, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Stam­ford li­brary re­moves gen­der ques­tion from card ap­pli­ca­tions

“Why does any­one care? It lit­er­ally af­fects no one, and is now more in­clu­sive.”

— Stephanie Williams, via face­­for­dad­vo­cate

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