‘Fed up with this cir­cus’

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To the ed­i­tor,

Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the House from 1977 to 1987, said: “All pol­i­tics is lo­cal.” And so it goes right here in Con­necti­cut.

We re­flect the na­tion. With­out ques­tion, the Repub­li­can Party to­day is led by a rad­i­cal dem­a­gogue. Here’s the Ox­ford English Dic­tionary’s def­i­ni­tion of that word: “a leader or or­a­tor who ap­peals to pop­u­lar de­sires or prej­u­dices to fur­ther per­sonal in­ter­ests, a rab­ble-rouser.”

No one, ex­cept the Leader him­self, can doubt that the re­cent alarm­ing bomb­ings of prom­i­nent Democrats and the Leader’s out­spo­ken crit­ics have been sin­gu­larly in­spired by the caus­tic, rep­e­ti­tious hate speech and ver­i­fi­able lies spew­ing from his mouth every sin­gle day, and they are al­ways aimed at the fact-seek­ing press, all Democrats, and all his crit­ics.

His lat­est com­ments, tak­ing no re­spon­si­bil­ity what­so­ever for in­spir­ing his ra­bid fol­low­ers into car­ry­ing out these vi­o­lent acts, shows his well-known fix­a­tion on blam­ing oth­ers (e.g, “the me­dia”) for his own be­hav­ior and his dan­ger­ous in­abil­ity to see how he is di­vid­ing Amer­ica into sim­ple and fic­ti­tious cat­e­gories of “good/bad,” “red/blue,” “loyal/trai­tor­ous.”

So in this anti-Demo­cratic cli­mate, we come to our state. We have a gov­erner’s choice of Demo­crat Ned La­mont or Repub­li­can Bob Ste­fanowski. La­mont, a real busi­ness­man and not just a fig­ure­head, ac­knowl­edges Con­necti­cut’s bud­get predica­ments and of­fers real so­lu­tions, such as tolls on trucks to raise cap­i­tal.

Ste­fanowski, pulling a trick from Tricky Dick Nixon’s Viet­nam se­cret plan to end the war, says he has a plan to fix the whole state but can’t ar­tic­u­late it.

He tells peo­ple what they want to hear: NO CON­NECTI­CUT IN­COME TAX!

He keeps a low pro­file. He hopes to win by stealth. He “ap­peals to pop­u­lar de­sires or prej­u­dices” (see def­i­ni­tion above) and in­cred­i­bly gives his dem­a­gogue Leader an “A” for his “per­for­mance,” which is re­ally all it is, a per­for­mance, an act, a farce, a fic­tion.

We fell for Ste­fanowski’s non­sense (“I have a plan”) too many times be­fore. “Be­lieve me” are the two words that will buy you a one-way ticket to hell. As for me, I’m all in for La­mont and for blue. I too am mad as hell! Every day a new threat arises to the “rest of us,” not the rich: Medi­care cuts, health care cuts, ab­surd marginal­iza­tion of trans­gen­der peo­ple.

I’m fed up with this cir­cus, and it will only be stopped once ei­ther one or both houses of Congress turn Demo­crat. Vote Blue! Vote Blue to bring back san­ity and bal­ance to Amer­ica!

John Sol­lami Stam­ford

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