Giv­ing Fund: Greet the New Year by help­ing oth­ers in need

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Ev­ery Thurs­day and Sun­day through the hol­i­days, the Stam­ford Ad­vo­cate and Green­wich Time are pub­lish­ing short sto­ries about lo­cal peo­ple in need of a help­ing hand.

Each case in­cludes an es­ti­mated dol­lar amount that would help them face ev­ery­day chal­lenges such as rent pay­ments, child care costs and trans­porta­tion. Ev­ery dol­lar do­nated to the Giv­ing Fund goes di­rectly to the peo­ple in need. The names of those in­cluded have been changed to pro­tect their pri­vacy.

The Stam­ford Ad­vo­cate and Green­wich Time spon­sors The Giv­ing Fund in part­ner­ship with Fam­ily Cen­ters and Per­son-toPer­son.

Case #385

Samantha was di­ag­nosed with a con­cus­sion af­ter fall­ing down some stairs. Af­ter re­ceiv­ing treat­ment for sev­eral months, Samantha was in­formed that the con­cus­sion had also af­fected her sight and she now suf­fers from fre­quent mi­graines. She is ac­tively re­ceiv­ing treat­ment and is un­able to work. Samantha has been liv­ing off her small sav­ings ac­count, and now she is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing sig­nif­i­cant fi­nan­cial dis­tress. A grant of $1,000 would help her re­main in her home, while she con­tin­ues to fo­cus on heal­ing.

Case #350

Lily is a sin­gle mom in her 20s. She has been re­cov­er­ing from bone can­cer and the side ef­fects of her treat­ment. Lily will be com­plet­ing a pain man­age­ment surgery. Her dream is to fin­ish col­lege. But to com­plete col­lege, she needs to pay back tu­ition and pur­chase a com­puter. Lily would greatly ap­pre­ci­ate $800 to buy a com­puter for school.

Case #351

Kelly is a sin­gle mother of four who, along with her chil­dren, had to flee to a do­mes­tic vi­o­lence shel­ter. She found a new job in the area and has started work­ing. How­ever, she must pay for day care for her two youngest chil­dren, who are not yet in school. She is strug­gling to make those pay­ments and doesn’t want to lose her job. A grant of $717 would help Kelly pay for one week of day care. This would al­low her to con­tinue work­ing un­til she re­ceives Care4Kids. This new job will help Kelly and her chil­dren move into their new home and re­build their lives.

Case #352

Morgan is a hard­work­ing sin­gle man who is try­ing to make ends meet. He re­cently lost his job of 16 years. He has been mov­ing from one couch to the next, and now he is rent­ing a room in a board­ing house. He landed a tem­po­rary job, which cov­ers his cur­rent bills, but he is try­ing to catch up on past ex­penses. He bor­rowed $400 for food and es­sen­tials. Morgan would greatly ap­pre­ci­ate $400 so he can pay back his debt. Case #353

Nelly is a 42-year-old mother of five who re­cently gave birth to a baby girl. This is the first time she has taken more than two weeks off to be with her new child. She de­cided to stay home be­cause she un­der­stands the im­por­tance of at­tach­ment. Her hus­band was re­cently laid off and can’t pro­vide the funds to pay for rent. Nelly is be­hind on her rent and won’t be able to pay the next month’s rent. A gift of $800 would help the fam­ily get off to a good start with the new baby.

Case #354

Amy is a sin­gle mother of five chil­dren. Af­ter los­ing her spouse and re­lo­cat­ing back to Con­necti­cut, she was able to se­cure a part-time job. She is still search­ing for ad­di­tional work to sup­port her fam­ily, and has to rely on help from her teenager’s af­ter­school job to sup­port the large fam­ily. They are catch­ing up on past bills and strug­gling to meet their ba­sic needs. A gift of $500 would help to buy win­ter cloth­ing and other house­hold ne­ces­si­ties. Case #355

Cece’s hus­band aban­doned her and their teenage daugh­ter when they ar­rived in Stam­ford. Be­sides leav­ing them with no means of sup­port, he left Cece with HIV. She is man­ag­ing with med­i­ca­tions and men­tal health coun­sel­ing through Fam­ily Cen­ters. Cece now works in a re­tail store and is just get­ting by. Her daugh­ter will be go­ing to col­lege next year. Cece is strug­gling to make her $375 car pay­ment and is hop­ing for one month’s re­lief so she can make it through the hol­i­days.

Case #356

Pamela is a sin­gle grand­mother work­ing three jobs and tak­ing care of her men­tally im­paired adult daugh­ter, foster son and grand­son with spe­cial needs. Her rent went up, and Patty is still play­ing catch-up and fears that she is go­ing to lose her apart­ment. She puts food on the ta­ble for all by go­ing to food pantries. A gift of $500 would help her to be cur­rent on her rent and put food on the ta­ble without wor­ries.

Case #357

Amanda is a mother and grand­mother who worked all her life to pro­vide for her kids. Just when she was re­tir­ing, tragedy struck, and her daugh­ter suf­fered a mas­sive stroke af­ter child­birth. Now she is tak­ing care of her new­born grand­daugh­ter, while her daugh­ter re­cu­per­ates in the hos­pi­tal. As a re­sult, Amanda is fall­ing be­hind on her own fi­nan­cial obli­ga­tions. A grant of $1,000 would help Amanda her re­main in her home, while she con­tin­ues to care for her grand­child and sup­port her daugh­ter through re­cov­ery. Case #358

Gabriella, a sin­gle mother who lives with her daugh­ter, is work­ing one job but still strug­gling. She is un­able to pay her util­i­ties be­cause she has fo­cused on first pay­ing her rent. Based on her salary, she is un­able to af­ford both. Now, she is three months be­hind on her elec­tric bills and has re­ceived shut-off no­tices. With the help of the Giv­ing Fund, a to­tal of $500 would help her pay off what she owes.

Case #359

Jack­son is a 28-year-old Latino who has chronic health is­sues and mul­ti­ple and per­va­sive learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties. He lives in­de­pen­dently in pub­lic hous­ing and is work­ing hard as an Uber driver, but his weekly in­come is not enough to cover spe­cial ex­penses. In or­der to con­tinue work­ing through­out the win­ter, he needs to pur­chase snow tires for his car. The cost is $800. This as­sis­tance from the Giv­ing Fund would en­able him to re­tain his cur­rent level of self-suf­fi­ciency.

Case #360

Mario has been look­ing for em­ploy­ment but has been un­suc­cess­ful. He is a stay-at-home dad who takes care of his three very young boys in a re­spon­si­ble way. His wife works late hours as a hair­styl­ist six days a week. Al­though she is a hard-work­ing mom, the fam­ily has been strug­gling fi­nan­cially for the past two years and they are be­hind on bills. A gift of $500 would help this fam­ily get on track with their debts.

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