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Stam­ford to start stealthy pur­suit of car-tax evaders

“Sick­en­ing. The tax is re­gres­sive and hurts the mid­dle class and most vul­ner­a­ble the most. It should be elim­i­nated but greedy lo­cal politi­cians can't let go. Why in the world would a car in Hart­ford be taxed at a dif­fer­ent rate than a car in Fair­field and why can I regis­ter my car at my folks home in Darien and pay less than I would if I reg­is­tered the car in Stam­ford? The mayor will sign this and it is an­other mis­take on his part. David Martin is a failed politi­cian and this is a failed pol­icy.”

— Tox­i­cAgua, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “Pub­lic park­ing, streets, shop­ping ar­eas, parks? I un­der­stand. Res­i­den­tial ar­eas in the mid­dle of the night? Down­right creepy!”

— Stam­fordRa­dioGuy, via stam­for­dad­vo­

“You think that this ve­hi­cle that reads plates and take pic­tures will go to North Stam­ford. They even stated that we don’t go into gated com­mu­ni­ties. These are where many of the high-price cars are and have out-of-state plates. In North Stam­ford, most of the drive­ways are long and cars do not park on the streets. So it ap­pears that those peo­ple will never get caught.”

— Long­timeS­tam­fordRes­i­dent, via stam­for­dad­vo­

“A great idea to step off in the right direc­tion. Let's see where it leads.”

— some­thing­tosay, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Tower de­mo­li­tion to close Wash­ing­ton Boule­vard lane

“Farewell Tower A. Look on the bright side, you will be help­ing Tow­ers B and C get a long over­due makeover.”

— Stam­fordRa­dioGuy, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Stam­ford reps spar over who should bear brunt of build­ing-per­mit costs

“Rep. ‘Sher­wood For­est’ play­ing Robin Hood again. The prob­lem of rais­ing fees on the com­mer­cial sec­tor is sim­ple: Com­mer­cial de­vel­op­ers don't have to build in Stam­ford — they can take their busi­ness ANY­WHERE that is hos­pitable to in­vest­ment. So, if de­vel­op­ers are dis­cour­aged from build­ing, if our elected ‘lead­ers’ are telling them that they are un­wel­come, then the Grand List will not grow. With a stag­nant Grand List and ever-in­creas­ing struc­tural costs, who's go­ing to be left to pay the bills? The very res­i­dents whom this ‘band of merry men’ (and women) claim that they want to pro­tect. Great job, folks! Mayor Martin, for the good of this city and for your legacy, please veto this garbage leg­is­la­tion.”

— Gre­go­ryLodato, via stam­for­dad­vo­

“Its not a fee, its ex­tor­tion. I paid a few dol­lars shy of $10,000 to pull a build­ing per­mit on a mul­ti­fam­ily build­ing for a $600k ren­o­va­tion. I know the new shake­down is for above $1mm jobs, but if it was for all com­mer­cial per­mits, my fee would have been 56% higher. This is a stron­garm shake­down of BLT at the end of the day and noth­ing more.”

— Wan­naBeLand­lord, via stam­for­dad­vo­

It’s de­cided: New sched­ule for Stam­ford high schools on the way

“You can't make this stuff up. We know that un­der Mike Nast, this sched­ule was re­jected af­ter two years plus of study. It took al­most two years to name Straw­berry Hill (an ex­ten­sion of . . . . ) Straw­berry Hill. Now when it comes to a highly dis­rup­tive block sched­ule, the de­ci­sion seems to have been made over a shared cup of cof­fee at a Dunkin’ Donuts with­out any real dis­cus­sion or plan­ning. One can only won­der what is next? How about dump­ing mid­dle schools and re­turn­ing to ju­nior highs next year. Watch this spot for an­nounce­ments.”

— jpenny, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “Bath­room runs are go­ing to triple.”

— glen­brookkid, via stam­for­dad­vo­ “I think hav­ing such a long class pe­riod is great for AP classes, but hav­ing a CP class for that long, not so much...”

— Aletheia, via stam­for­dad­vo­

Michael Cummo / Hearst Con­necti­cut Me­dia

One of St. John’s Tow­ers is ex­pected to come down in Stam­ford over the next week.

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