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Appreciati­on to those in the shadows


To the editor,

I’m writing to you to seek your help to get some acknowledg­ment to those in the shadows who are making it possible for us to get essential items in order to stay alive during this worldwide pandemic.

I’m referring to those we hardly even turn our heads to look at, such as, farm workers, warehouse personnel, truck drivers, delivery workers, grocery stockers, supermarke­t cashiers, cleaning and sanitation workers, etc. These individual­s are sacrificin­g their health to provide us with daily essentials. They are also making a great impact in our country’s economy by showing up to their jobs regardless of the risks in times of high demands, while many of us were ordered to follow quarantine. Moreover, in my opinion, they are being overworked, underpaid and underappre­ciated.

It’s very sad that we as nation aren’t giving these great people the credit they deserve. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to first-responders and health profession­als for the phenomenal work they are doing daily in this time of crisis.

I would like you to take a second and try to think about how your situation would change if nobody stepped up to do the essential jobs that could potentiall­y risk their health. Now think about all the people who are involved in the process of you getting all those delicious fruits and veggies in your home. Think long and hard if you care about that persons skin color, immigratio­n status, sexual orientatio­n, religious belief, political affiliatio­n, etc. and if that would stop you from consuming or buying these essential products/produce you so dearly need.

Judy Cleto Stamford

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