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Fiorello took some hard stances


To the editor,

I met Kimberly Fiorello last year through my work with CT Women United and the Arch Street Teen Center Board. Kimberly is smart and focused, a wonderful mother to four, and “able to to leap tall buildings in a single bound!” Yes, in my book she is a little like superman (or woman). Despite obstacles, she knows how to get things done. She cares deeply for this community and for our country and her story is quite compelling. I have so much for respect for the way she stands up for what she believes in and she is not afraid to work hard.

She has been very vocal about her support for our local police force. I am thankful, because I agree with her. Kimberly’s hard work on the Representa­tive Town Meeting inspired others to get involved. Kimberly doesn’t settle for status quo.

She has gained the respect of members of both the Republican and Democratic party and recently was endorsed by Joseph Duffy, a Democrat and current adviser to Gov. Ned Lamont. She fully supported schools reopening, unlike some of our elected officials in Hartford and took a hard stance with Eversource after their ineffectiv­e leadership this past summer that left many of us without power for more than a week.

Kimberly has my full support and I know she will represent our community and Stamford proudly when she is elected in November. Icy Frantz Riverside

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