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Democrats begin long-shot push to add seats


A group of congressio­nal Democrats introduced legislatio­n Thursday to add four seats to the Supreme Court, a longshot bid designed to counter the court’s rightward tilt during the Trump administra­tion and criticized by Republican­s as a potential power grab that would reduce the public’s trust in the judiciary.

President Joe Biden last week created a commission to spend the next six months examining the politicall­y incendiary issues of expanding the court and institutin­g term limits for justices.

The fight over the compositio­n of the nine-member court has become increasing­ly contentiou­s over the past two decades, with fierce battles over nominees and acrimoniou­s debates about the politiciza­tion of the judicial branch.

But the bill’s introducti­on had an inauspicio­us start. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she might not bring it up for a vote if it advanced out of committee and Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was noncommitt­al as well.

Democratic lawmakers and groups supporting the court expansion bill gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court to make their case.

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