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Library only experience­s minor leaks during Henri

- By Grace Duffield

NEW CANAAN — “No flooding from Henri,” Victor Lopez, the facilities manager of the library said Monday afternoon. Henri, which came to ground in Long Island as a hurricane and quickly became a slow-moving tropical depression, did not do as much damage as prior rain storms.

“The only place we experience­d leaking was in our circulatio­n area and we are working on figuring out the source to make needed repairs,” Lopez said.

In case of flooding, “we were prepared with flood barriers on the exterior, and interior of the Main Street entrance” as well on the door to the Adrian Lamb Room and the collection’s office,” Lopez said.

The library also had wet vacs and water pumps on stand by “in the event the barriers were not enough,” Lopez said.

The New Canaan Library, with sections dating back to 1913, had to close its lower level due to flooding caused by heavy downpours in July 2019.

“Water gushed like a geyser,” New Canaan Library Executive Director Lisa Oldham said at the time. Then, the damage was compared to severe flooding that occurred just one year prior in June 2018.

Oldham is hoping to break ground on a new 42,642 square-foot building this fall, and the project may jump through its final bureaucrat­ic hoop on Wednesday as it meets with Town Council.

The council is expected to vote on funding from the town for modern building.

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