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Martin a ‘proven leader’


We have all heard the truism that actions speak louder than words. Never is that more critical than during times of crisis, when strong leadership distinguis­hes itself through decisive action and compassion­ate care.

We have had the opportunit­y in Stamford to see leadership in action during the worst pandemic in a century. Right from the beginning, Stamford was hit hard. And as a person of color, I know that the pandemic is taking a disproport­ionate toll on minority communitie­s.

Many in the community are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 because of underlying health conditions, and suffer more serious complicati­ons if they contract the virus.

Unfortunat­ely, most of us also know someone who has succumbed to the deadly disease.

Our community suffered economic loss as some were furloughed or lost jobs.

Through it all, Mayor David Martin and the Stamford Health Department took the lead in working with partners such as Stamford Hospital and the Community Health Center to get our community what we needed — timely informatio­n and resources and protective equipment to keep us as safe as possible.

Under Mayor Martin’s leadership, Stamford had numerous COVID testing sites, and later many vaccinatio­n centers where people could have convenient access closer to where they lived. He also administer­ed the designated state and federal funds to provide assistance to those in need.

That is what leadership looks like in action. We are still not done with this virus as infection rates rise making health and economic rebound more challengin­g. Why then should we make a change now when we have a proven leader at the helm?

David Martin cares and has acted in the best interests of all of Stamford. I will gladly vote to give him another four years as mayor, and I urge my fellow Stamford voters to do the same.

Curtis Battles Stamford

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