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- Frank Stewart

“The tough contracts he handles in two minutes,” Cy the Cynic growled. “The impossible ones may take him three.”

Cy was talking about Ed, our club’s expert.

“We had a team match for a dollar an IMP,” Cy said, showing me today’s deal. “Ed and I both played at four spades. Four losers are unavoidabl­e. Even if West doesn’t lead a club at Trick One, he gets in with the king of trumps for a club shift.”

Against Cy, West led a heart. The Cynic won in dummy and let the ten of trumps ride. West won and led a club, and East got two clubs and his king of diamonds.

“Ed got a heart lead,” Cy said, “but he won in his hand and led a low trump!

West innocently played low, and dummy won. Ed then led a trump to the ace and lost a diamond finesse. When East returned a heart, Ed won and led good diamonds. He pitched two clubs before West could ruff and lead a club. Making four.”

Ed made a fine play. He didn’t mind losing a trump to East, who could do no damage with a club shift. DAILY QUESTION You hold: S 3 H Q J 9 8 6 D K 8 2 C A Q 8 7. Your partner opens one spade, you bid two hearts, he rebids two spades and you try 2NT. Partner then bids three clubs. What do you say?

ANSWER: Your partner suggests six spades, four clubs and minimum opening values. If he held A Q 10 8 2, 4, A Q 3, K 9

6 5, he would have raised your 2NT to 3NT. With A K 10 8 5 2, 4, A 4, K J 6 5, he might have jumped to four spades. Pass. Partner may hold A J 6 5 4 2, 4, A 4, K 10 5 4.

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