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Dems seek corporate, wealthy tax hikes for $3.5T plan


WASHINGTON — House Democrats unveiled a sweeping proposal Monday for tax hikes on big corporatio­ns and the wealthy to fund President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion rebuilding plan, as Congress speeds ahead to shape the far-reaching package that touches almost all aspects of domestic life.

The proposed top tax rate would revert to 39.6 percent on individual­s earning more than $400,000, or $450,000 for couples, and there would be a 3 percent tax on wealthier Americans with adjusted income beyond $5 million a year. For big businesses, the proposal would lift the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 26.5 percent on incomes beyond $5 million, slightly less than the 28 percent rate the president had sought.

In all, the tax hikes are in line with Biden’s own proposals and would bring about the most substantiv­e changes in the tax code since Republican­s with then-President Donald Trump slashed taxes in 2017. Business and anti-tax groups are sure to object. But Democrats are pressing forward.

It’s an opening bid at a daunting moment for Biden and his allies in Congress as they assemble the massive package that is expected to become one of the largest single domestic policy measures considered in decades. The president’s “Build Back Better” agenda includes spending on child care, health care, education and strategies to confront climate change. It is an ambitious undertakin­g on par with the Great Society or New Deal.

Republican critics decry the sweep of Biden’s plan, suggesting it slopes toward a Western European-style socialism, and they particular­ly reject the taxes required to pay for it, bristling because it would reverse the GOP tax cuts that were approved just a few years ago.

The broader blueprint from Democrats proposes spending billions for rebuilding infrastruc­ture, tackling climate change and expanding or introducin­g a range of services, from free prekinderg­arten to dental, vision and hearing aid care for older people.

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