First Lady FaceOff! Michelle Obama isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to arch­en­emy Me­la­nia Trump.


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NOW that former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama has spilled the beans in her juicy tell-all memoir, Be­com­ing — in­clud­ing how cur­rent first lady Me­la­nia Trump turned down her of­fer of help when tak­ing over the White House — sources tell Star that things be­tween the pres­i­den­tial wives are get­ting ugly! “It’s pretty cut-and-dried; there’s ab­so­lutely no re­la­tion­ship be­tween these two women,” sniffs a source, spilling that Michelle, 54, has only scratched the sur­face when it comes to her dis­taste for Don­ald Trump’s tight-lipped wife, 48. And as for Me­la­nia, “she doesn’t say much, but when she does, watch out,” adds the in­sider, not­ing that a bat­tle is se­cretly brew­ing. “The feud is just get­ting started!”

BARACK-ING ME­LA­NIA’S WORLD The ten­sion be­tween Michelle and Me­la­nia be­gan months be­fore Trump, 72, was elected, when Me­la­nia spoke at the Repub­li­can Na­tional Con­ven­tion and heav­ily “bor­rowed” from a speech Michelle had given! “The pla­gia­rized speech fi­asco was a huge wake-up call for Me­la­nia,” spills a source (see side­bar) — one that would set the wheels in mo­tion for a rocky road ahead. The two women have seen each other just three times since Trump was elected, and though Barack Obama’s diplo­matic wife has tried mul­ti­ple times to ex­tend the olive branch, “Michelle felt slighted,” says

our source, ul­ti­mately de­cid­ing to “call Me­la­nia out” in her book for all to see. “Me­la­nia wasn’t happy to hear that,” whis­pers a White House mole. “And what makes it worse is that Michelle is go­ing on this book tour, bring­ing up her name on ev­ery stop she makes. Bot­tom line, Me­la­nia feels like Michelle stabbed her in the back.”

TRUMP-ING MRS. OBAMA Now that the cat’s out of the bag, in­sid­ers say it’s war! “Me­la­nia hit back by pub­licly stat­ing she’s a strong, in­de­pen­dent woman who doesn’t need ad­vice from any­one but her own staff,” spills our tip­ster. “Me­la­nia thinks Michelle is just look­ing for pub­lic­ity for her book, and what bet­ter way to get it than to men­tion her and Don­ald in it? It’s good for sales.” Though reps for Me­la­nia deny Star’s story, our sources say that Mrs. Trump will get the fi­nal word! “She’s been com­pil­ing notes for her own book, which will ad­dress every­thing,” says our source. “This feud is far from over. If you clash with Me­la­nia, watch out!”

Kiss of Death? “This isn’t the first time Michelle’s brought up Me­la­nia,” notes our in­sider. “Me­la­nia didn’t like that Michelle dis­cussed that awk­ward gift ex­change. Some even won­der if Michelle threw the gift away.”

White House Woes “Me­la­nia is an­noyed that she’s been crit­i­cized way more than Michelle,” a source tells Star. “She feels she’s the most bul­lied per­son in the world.”

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