Mila Ku­nis & Ash­ton Kutcher: It’s Twins!

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The ac­tors are in for a dou­ble dose of hap­pi­ness.

SHE’S sung the praises of new moth­er­hood “bliss” and gushed that her hubby of three years, Ash­ton Kutcher, is “su­per­dad,” and now Mila Ku­nis is gear­ing up for an­other go: Sources say the mom of two is preg­nant — with twins! “It’s in the very early stages,” re­veals a source, “so they ob­vi­ously aren’t ready to spill the beans to ev­ery­body just yet, beyond their par­ents and close friends. But they told the kids over ice cream, and they’re truly so ex­cited to be a fam­ily of six.”

IT TAKES TWO It wasn’t long ago that Mila, 35, in­sisted that daugh­ter Wy­att, 4, and son Dim­itri, 2, had com­pleted the Kutcher clan. “I will only have two,” she in­sisted last year, jok­ing that she and Ash­ton, 40, would be “out­num­bered” other­wise. “Right now, we’re fine,” she added. “One hand, one hand. One eye, one eye. Two peo­ple, two kids.” But a close in­side source in­sists that the happy mom and dad rel­ish their par­ent­hood roles more than they imag­ined — and have be­come con­vinced that the best thing they can do for their kids is to give them more sib­lings. Ash­ton, ex­plains the source, has long ad­mired his twin brother, Michael, who he’s called his “best friend,” and Mila also grew up close with her own brother Michael, whose 2013 wed­ding she beamed through as a brides­maid. “They’ve talked about how much they love their own broth­ers and how great it would’ve been if they’d each had more sib­lings, and a light bulb went off,” says the source. “They re­al­ized Wy­att and Dim­itri will only have each other in years to come, and that just didn’t sound right. Now, the good news is the kids will have two more sib­lings at once!” An in­sider says that Mila found out she was preg­nant with a good old at-home preg­nancy test — but only dis­cov­ered it was twins after her first sono­gram. “Ash­ton let out a whoop!” says the in­sider. “He thought that was the coolest thing, es­pe­cially since he’s a twin him­self. He’s al­ready plan­ning the nurs­ery and pick­ing out the paint. They couldn’t be hap­pier.”★

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