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ON Wednesdays, Lacey Chabert wears… red and green? The former Mean Girls star hung up the pink to deck the halls in Hallmark holiday flicks — but don’t think she’s given up on Gretchen Wieners altogether! The actress tells Star why she’s partnered with Tyson Meal Kits to still fit in time to do the Jingle Bell Rock.

Tell us what’s coming up on Hallmark!

It’s called Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe. I hope that it will bring a lot of joy to people’s living rooms!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

I love cooking! But now that I’m a mom [to Julia, 2], I’m busier than ever, so Tyson Meal Kits have made life so much easier.

Please tell us you still do the Jingle Bell Rock!

Do you know how many people ask me if I still remember the dance? The answer is this: I could barely remember the dance when we had to film it! I was definitely the weakest link. But I love that song; it’s always on my Christmas rotation of music!

Did you get to see the Mean Girls musical?

I haven’t yet, but I’m excited to see it! I’m going to try to go in January.

What’s the deal with a Mean Girls sequel?

I don’t know! I wish I could tell you I did. I would love to be a part of it if they ever decide to revisit the characters, and I think it would be so much fun. But, no, I know nothing!

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