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On the Brink of Col­lapse: The Big Lit­tle Lies star has been putting her chil­dren and ca­reer ahead of hus­band Jim Toth — and may soon give her an ul­ti­ma­tum.

REESE Wither­spoon seems, to out­side eyes, per­fect. Perky, to­gether, ap­proach­able, she ap­pears to be a mashup of the best parts of Big Lit­tle Lies’ queen bee Made­line and Legally Blonde’s cheery, am­bi­tious Elle Woods, sip­ping whiskey in a teacup and ef­fort­lessly adapt­ing nov­els and win­ning Os­cars. But be­neath that Su­per­woman ex­te­rior, sources say, the star is ac­tu­ally on the verge of im­plod­ing from stress. And the pres­sure — from many ar­eas in her life — could be lead­ing to a frac­ture in her mar­riage. “Reese is the most cool, calm and col­lected woman you’ll ever meet, or­di­nar­ily,” says a source. “But lately, a few things have been get­ting the best of her, and she feels like she’s about to crack.”

“NOTH­ING LEFT” FOR HER HUS­BAND Reese is at the peak of her pro­fes­sional life, killing it in myr­iad plat­forms. But just when she should be on top of the world, she’s feel­ing per­son­ally vul­ner­a­ble, par­tic­u­larly in her re­la­tion­ship with her hus­band, Hollywood agent Jim Toth. “It’s pretty widely known that she’s hav­ing trou­ble in her mar­riage,” a friend con­fides. “They’ve been on the ropes ever since Jen­nifer Anis­ton’s birthday party back in Fe­bru­ary, when Reese got so steam­ing drunk that Jim left with­out her.” But booze re­ally isn’t the is­sue, the friend sug­gests — time is. Reese is “so all-con­sumed with the other things in her life, es­pe­cially her work and her kids, there’s re­ally noth­ing left for Jim.” Reese’s to-do list is in­fi­nite: be­ing mom to three chil­dren (Ava and Dea­con, whom she shares with ex Ryan Phillippe, and Ten­nessee, her son with Jim); pro­duc­ing and star­ring in films and se­ries like Big Lit­tle Lies and Hulu’s Lit­tle Fires Ev­ery­where, along with a zil­lion other projects in de­vel­op­ment by her pro­duc­tion com­pany, Hello Sun­shine; over­see­ing re­tail fashion and home-goods lines; and be­ing ac­tively in­volved in phi­lan­thropy and ac­tivism in Hollywood. What down­time?! Jim has “put up with be­ing sec­ond and even third best for a year or so now, and he’s told friends he’s not sure how much longer it can go on like this,” a tip­ster shares. Reese is aware of the is­sues, the source says, but “she’s sim­ply so busy she doesn’t know how to fix it.”


The news that Big Lit­tle Lies — de­spite its mega pop­u­lar­ity — won’t have a sea­son 3 has par­tic­u­larly stung the pro­ducer-ac­tress at an al­ready dif­fi­cult time, sources say. The show was “Reese’s baby, and she threw ev­ery­thing she had into it,” says some­one close to the se­ries. “When she got the news that they were done af­ter sea­son 2, she had a bit of a break­down. She was so down about it, she felt all her hard work was for noth­ing.” And Reese doesn’t deal with re­jec­tion or dis­ap­point­ment well, a source says — so the BLL set­back was crip­pling. “Reese is all-or-noth­ing, and things must al­ways go ac­cord­ing to her plan,” says a source. “Right now, there are a few things out of her con­trol, be­cause she’s taken on too much. Friends are wor­ried she’s at a break­ing point. Any­one would be.”

Third Wheel With Reese’s moun­tain of re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, her mar­riage has been get­ting short shrift.

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