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Sir El­ton is feel­ing frisky th­ese days — and maybe long­ing to be the younger man he once was! He seems more than pleased with the choice of the ac­tor who por­trayed him in Rocketman, Taron Eger­ton. In fact, when the young new star met the leg­end be­hind the biopic for the first time, El­ton made him blush with his saucy sa­lu­ta­tion. “We were film­ing the wed­ding scene for [the 2014 film] Kings­man and he said if he were five years younger, it would be me that he was mar­ry­ing.” Did Taron have a re­tort for the flirty re­mark? “I think I just mum­bled and went red,” Taron told Star. “I was very ner­vous. For the first few times I met him, he made me blush. He doesn’t do that any­more be­cause I’m used to it.”

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