Mi­ley Cyrus

While stay­ing in a Lon­don flat that had once been a bak­ery, the singer claims a mys­te­ri­ous pres­ence turned the faucet to scald­ing hot when her sis­ter was show­er­ing, and says she her­self saw “a boy sit­ting on the sink, kick­ing his feet.” She left — quickly — and never looked back!

Demi Lo­vato

Demi was so con­vinced there was a spirit in her child­hood home in Texas, she called in the big guns, who con­firmed her sus­pi­cions. “A medium and ghost hun­ters both gave me the same name, Emily,” the singer re­calls, adding that she’s seen Emily count­less times. “I have a re­ally strong con­nec­tion to the af­ter­life.”

Lily Collins

While prep­ping to take on the role of serial killer Ted Bundy’s ex in a Net­flix film, Lily says she “was wo­ken up by flashes of images, like the af­ter­math of a strug­gle” ev­ery night around 3 a.m. But she wasn’t freaked out: “I felt sup­ported,” she says. “I felt like peo­ple were say­ing, ‘Thank you for telling the story.’”

Lucy Hale

The Pretty Lit­tle Liars star doesn’t live alone. “I have a ghost in my house,” she says. “Doors close and my mo­tion sen­sor lights up when there’s noth­ing un­der it,” she ex­plains, adding that her cof­fee maker also once mys­te­ri­ously went on at 1 a.m. “I don’t feel that threat­ened,” she says, “but it does freak me out.”

Kate Hud­son

Ac­tress, mom, Fablet­ics cocre­ator… psy­chic medium?! Ac­cord­ing to Kate, yes. “Me and my mom, Goldie [Hawn], can see dead peo­ple,” the star once re­vealed in an interview. “It’s not re­ally see­ing, it’s feel­ing a spirit — a fifth en­ergy. I be­lieve in en­ergy.”

Me­gan Fox

While trav­el­ing, the star was sur­prised to hear staff set­ting up break­fast in her ho­tel suite a half hour ear­lier than sched­uled. When she went to check it out, no one was there. “At 7:30, the door­bell rings and it’s room ser­vice,” she says. The fam­ily nanny backed up her story, says Me­gan,“so you can’t tell me I’m crazy!”

Pa­trick Ste­wart

Af­ter spot­ting what ap­peared to be an ap­pari­tion wait­ing in the wings while he was on­stage at Lon­don’s no­to­ri­ously haunted Theatre Royal Hay­mar­ket, Pa­trick was heart­ened to learn he wasn’t the first to see the al­leged ghost of John Bald­win Buck­stone, the theater’s for­mer man­ager, who died in 1879!

Alyson Han­ni­gan

The Amer­i­can Pie alum was re­lieved to dis­cover the spirit haunt­ing her Cal­i­for­nia home was a friendly one. “My friend saw him one night,” Alyson re­calls. “She said, ‘I don’t mean to alarm you but I just saw a man fol­low us out of the house.’ And I said, ‘Well, at least he’s gen­tle­manly. He let us go first!’ ”


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