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Jonah Hill was all humility on The Tonight Show Dec. 6, telling host Jimmy Fallon how he came to be playing Jerry Garcia in an upcoming biopic. After seeing a photo of the Grateful Dead legend on Instagram, he explained, he got the idea for a movie. “Then,” The Wolf of Wall Street star went on, “I spent the next hour and a half, like, talking myself out of it, being like... ‘You’re not good enough...he’s an icon.’” But next thing he knew,

Martin Scorsese had signed on to direct!

Though his triumph over self-doubt made for a great story, sources say the 37-year-old doesn’t exactly suffer from an undersized ego. “Now that he’s starting to get more power, it’s going straight to his head,” says an industry source. “He’s become a complete diva, arriving with a huge entourage and ordering people around.”

And the source says, no one is willing to set him straight. “It’s too bad because Jonah actually used to be a really cool guy. Now he’s just another Hollywood egotist.”

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