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The rapper’s latest comments were Bound 2 stir up trouble.


How could he be so heartless? Kanye West still can’t seem to accept that ex Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson and has allegedly resorted to trash-talking the Saturday Night Live star, 28, to anyone who will listen. According to reports, the 44-year-old rapper, who’s has also moved on, with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, is telling people that Pete is not only gay but has AIDS.

“Kim dating anyone would upset Kanye,” a source tells Star. “But the fact that it’s Pete makes it a million times worse.” The hip-hop artist also took shots at the King of Staten Island star on his new single, “Easy.” In a snippet of the leaked track, Kanye, who nearly lost his life in 2002 after falling asleep at the wheel, can be heard rapping: “God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.”

While the comedian has laughed off the bad blood so far, says the source, the reality star, 41, doesn’t find her ex’s “pathetic” antics all that funny. “Kim’s heard what Kanye’s been saying about Pete,” reveals the source. “She’s seen this negative side of him before and honestly, she feels sorry for Kanye.” Because if Ye is going after Pete in an effort to sour Kim on the new romance, it’s had the opposite effect.

“Kim knows what Kanye’s trying to do and he won’t succeed in breaking them up, she won’t let him,” says the source. “Pete’s a good guy and she intends to live her life on her terms and not let Kanye try to sabotage that.” ★

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